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Recycling in the workplace

I’ve witnessed a lot of changes during the course of my many years in the packaging business. One of the better changes has been the

September 11, 2014 Refuse and Recycling
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Packaging buyers love it so, the happy world of Davpack-o!

If you’re a regular customer at Davpack, you’ll know that we’re constantly looking for new ways of saving you money on your packaging and making

August 27, 2014 Packaging Supplies
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It was twenty years ago today…

On 11 August 1994, exactly 20 years ago, someone paid $12.48 plus shipping for Sting’s CD, Ten Summoner’s Tales, in the process making what is

August 11, 2014 Davpack Derby
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It’s the Davpack Packaging Pub Quiz!

How well do you know your packaging? Do you have the knowledge, experience and speed-of-thought to man the Davpack phone lines and deal with the

August 04, 2014 Packaging Materials
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Filling the Void

Even with access to cost effective custom cardboard boxes, it’s very rare for suppliers sending out multiple products to have the right box every time

July 28, 2014 Protective Packaging
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Packaging, Polish & PG Tips

Most companies need some kind of packaging, like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and polythene bags, at one time or another; many need it regularly. We

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Millimetres and litres

As a result of a Facebook comment made by a customer the other day, the members of Davpack’s Marketing team were forced to revisit their

July 01, 2014 Cardboard Boxes
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Too Many Boxes, Not Enough Time?

When you spend any amount of time working in the Sales office at Davpack, you quickly find that the most common question you’re asked is

June 12, 2014 Cardboard Boxes
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The Davpack Father’s Day Gift Guide

Although the first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910, as a response to the recently established and successful Mother’s Day, it didn’t catch on for

June 05, 2014 Packaging Materials
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Barry the Social Box

So far when talking about our new project with The Children’s Society on the blog, we’ve mainly focused on the launch, the partnership and what

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