Boltless Shelving & Storage

Storage and shelving systems for garage, archive and workshop storage

Davpack can supply a wide selection of cost effective steel shelving units designed to meet all your bulk storage and shelving needs. Whether you're after heavy duty shelving systems ideal for warehouse racking and workshop storage or low cost boltless shelving units which can be used as a simple household storage solution such as garage shelving, you'll find something here that will do the job without breaking the bank. All our metal shelving systems are not only very strong, they're also extremely simple to erect, with most taking only a few minutes to put together without the need for any special tools. There's a huge range of sizes available, so we're sure to be able to meet your storage requirements. This section also includes complete systems for archive storage which come supplied with up to 60 archive boxes.
  1. 3-In-1 Boltless Shelving Units

    3-In-1 Boltless Shelving Units

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  2. Kwik-klik Shelving

    Kwik-klik Shelving

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  3. Z-Rivet Racking

    Z-Rivet Racking

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  4. Heavy Duty Rivet Racking

    Heavy Duty Rivet Racking

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  5. Readyrack Open Boltless Shelving

    Readyrack Open Boltless Shelving

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  6. Readyrack Clad Boltless Shelving

    Readyrack Clad Boltless Shelving

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  7. Budget Store-Rack

    Budget Store-Rack

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  8. Speedrack Archive Storage & Shelving System

    Speedrack Archive Storage & Shelving System

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  9. Archive Storage Rivet Bays

    Archive Storage Rivet Bays

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