101 Uses for Bubble Wrap: No 36 – Wrap yourself up in it and jump out of a sixth story window

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Okay, we don’t actually recommend this, but somebody (who also doesn’t recommend it) has calculated that you’d need 39 sheets of bubble wrap to survive the experience. It may be total baloney and we got lost pretty quickly, but there are a lot of equations and graphs and it all looks very impressive. Follow the reasoning and complicated mathematics here.

At the end of the article, the writer speculates on how much bubble wrap packaging you need to jump out of a plane and survive. We may not know that yet, but we do now know that it is possible to jump out of a plane without a parachute, although with a ‘wingsuit’, land on 18,600 cardboard boxes, and survive.

So a combined thanks to Rhett Allain, Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, and Gary Connery, certified loon, for demonstrating that packaging products may, under very particular and unusual circumstances, actually save your life.

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