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We’re constantly fighting the notion that brown cardboard boxes are mundane items unworthy of consideration and innovation. Mainly that’s because we’re daily talking to businesses and entrepreneurs around the country who need their packaging supplies to fulfil a function unique to their product or idea, and want our help in turning that concept into reality.

In other words, we know more than most what can be achieved with a humble cardboard box!

Every now and then, however, an idea comes along that can surprise and impress even the most hardened or experienced box merchant. So, many congratulations to Lin Tsen Ying and Huang Hsiao Yuan, whose simple yet cunning idea has won them a red dot design award.


The Corner Box

We’ve all struggled with a heavy box, whether that’s been squeezing our fingers underneath to get a grip to lift it, or trying to avoid squashing them when putting it down again. Lin and Huang’s Corner Box comes with a concave corner at the bottom that provides instant finger space, making both processes less awkward and less painful all round.

So far this is still only a concept, so they’re not yet available from any cardboard box or packaging suppliers. But don’t despair, because you can make your very own corner box with just an ordinary single wall box and a hammer! Just turn the box over, take a decent bash at the bottom corners with the hammer (just how decent a bash will depend on how sturdy the box you’re working with is) and hey presto! One instant Corner Box!


Before you start laying about your boxes with a hammer…

Two pieces of advice before you rush off to create your own award-winning design concept: firstly, it’s best done when the box is empty; secondly, make sure that the admittedly small amount of space you’re going to be losing inside the box is not going to mean that whatever you’re planning on putting in no longer fits!

Okay, so perhaps bashing your boxes with a hammer isn’t the wisest thing to do; but if you want to save squashing your fingers or straining your back in the meantime, you could always try placing your box on some kind of low stool or ‘feet’ before filling it.

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