Creating Affordable Customised Packaging

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Whether your business is large or small, you have the option of using affordable custom packaging. In order to get an overall picture of how you can customize packaging affordably, we’ve listed three simple methods you can use, whether you work from your living room, garage or warehouse. The methods are tailored to different sizes of businesses and the orders that they receive each month and give an indication of how you as an e-retailer can use affordable customised packaging.

10 – 100 Orders Per Month – Tags and Labels

Affordable Customised Packaging - Box With Tag

A great way for young businesses with limited budgets to create affordable customised packaging is to use labels and tags. Labels and tags are widely available, and you can get a huge quantity of them for a very affordable price, meaning you won’t have to worry about restocking them often if you’re dealing with smaller quantities of orders. Adding labels and tags gives you the perfect place to add a personal message for your customers, making them feel special and giving your packaging more of a hand-crafted feel. Although you can add labels and tags to any size box you want, it’s best to use them on postal boxes and mailings bags to get the most impact from them.

100 – 500 Orders Per Month – Custom Printed Tape

Once you start getting more orders you may want to use a quicker and more efficient method of affordable customised packaging. This is where custom packaging tape comes into play. The great thing about using this method of customisation is that you are adding your branding while you seal the box, saving you time as you don’t have to carry out any additional steps to achieve customisation. The prices for custom printed tape can vary and minimum orders of around 72 rolls will usually apply, but here at Davpack, you can get a pack of 72 rolls of Polypropylene Personalised Tape with a 3 colour print for £195.32, which works out at £2.71 per 66-meter roll. Although buying tape will cost more money up front than using a stamp, it’s still a form of affordable customised packaging when you break it down by the price per meter (£0.04 per meter).  With the improved quality of the print and ability to use more colours, the overall look and feel of your packaging and branding will be improved from this investment. If you’re not ready to invest in 72 rolls of tape and want to test the waters, try out our Custom Packing Tape. Although it will cost more for a roll, there are no minimum order quantities so you can start off with just one roll.

500+ Orders Per Month – Custom Printed Boxes

Affordable Customised Packaging - Custom Printed Packaging

The next level for your customised packaging would be Custom Printed Boxes. Custom printed boxes open a whole new window of opportunities for your branding and visibility by giving you the opportunity to stand out amongst your competitors. This method of customisation will have your artwork and logo looking at its best from a higher quality of print and the ability to use multiple colours over the whole box, letting everyone know that you mean business. For your print to look at its best, consider using white boxes, or brown boxes made with a high-quality kraft outer layer. Make sure you have the orders and cash flow to justify this investment though as minimum order quantities will apply. Here at Davpack though the minimum order quantity is 1000 boxes per size, and when you break it down the price per box it is still quite low, making this an excellent form of affordable customised packaging for businesses that are seeing more orders coming through the door.

Customised packaging has the power to increase brand awareness and loyalty by improving your customers unboxing experience and it doesn’t always cost as much as you think. Whatever your businesses size is, there are ways in which you can achieve affordable customised packaging and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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