Announcing our new national schools campaign and social media fundraiser

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Davpack is delighted to be able to announce a new and exciting project, in partnership with leading children’s charity The Children’s Society, to help young people across the UK.

Together, we’re running a new national schools campaign, with an online resource based around the cardboard box character ‘Barry the Box’, through which teachers and children will explore difficult situations and issues and help children cope better with their problems. The campaign complements the charity’s online Key Stage 2 Schools resource My Life 4 Schools, which helps teachers educate children about their emotional development.

The campaign will also feature a poster competition with a number of prizes, and should raise over £10,000 for the charity through a fundraiser programme on social media and product sales.

The campaign has been devised and launched by The Children’s Society’s Corporate Partnerships Development Manager, Maggie Allen, and our Managing Director Barney Byfield.

Barney said: “We are delighted to announce our support for The Children’s Society, and this joint project helps them to reach out to young people across the UK.

“With the Barry the Box activity, we are getting the important message across to young people that when they are faced with worries on all sides, they don’t have to face them alone. Naturally as a packaging company, we found the connection with boxes and injected the creative and fun activity of cutting out and building cardboard boxes.”

Maggie Allen from The Children’s Society said ““We are really excited about this opportunity to work with Davpack.

“Barry the Box is an important way to involve children in understanding and addressing their problems. The Children’s Society has been working to improve disadvantaged children’s lives for over 130 years. Empowering them is key to our work and Barry the Box can help us achieve this.”

More information will be released about the campaign on this blog over the next few days and there will also be further announcements in a press conference this summer.

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