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We’ve all come across the effects of static electricity, whether it’s by rubbing a balloon against our hair to make it stand on end, or getting a shock by shaking hands with someone who’s just been dragging their feet across a carpet. The technical term for the creation of such a charge is ‘tribocharging’. The ‘tribo’ bit comes from the Greek for ‘rubbing’, although rubbing isn’t actually essential – mere contact can often be enough.

Interestingly (well, I think so, anyway), the word ‘electricity’ derives from another Greek word, elektron, which means ‘amber’. This is because the first observation of static electricity was made by Thales of Miletus (c 624-546 BC), who noticed how amber could acquire an electric charge by contact and separation, or friction, with a material like wool.


The science bit…

Crazy hair and making your friends’ hands tingle are generally good for a laugh. Less amusing is when static electricity comes into contact with sensitive electronic equipment. Permanent damage can be caused by a charge measuring less than 30 volts, something we probably wouldn’t even feel.

Getting the right packaging materials to protect electronic goods and components when they’re being stored or transported is therefore vital. Much of this kind of packaging is based on the Faraday cage principle, where outer packaging is made out of a conductive material, so that an external static electrical field will cause the electric charges within the cage’s conducting material to redistribute themselves so as to cancel the field’s effects in the cage’s interior.


Anti static packaging

With an extensive range of anti static solutions available, Davpack can help keep your electronic products safe at all times. From anti static bubble wrap and bubble bags to transit boxes, pcb holders and layer pads, we have ready-made packaging specially designed for the job – but don’t forget that we can also provide custom packaging solutions if required.

For total protection, we also recommend including some silica gel, which is a dessicant – that means it will absorb any moisture that gets into the packaging, something else that can do a lot of damage to electronics.

For more information and for the best advice on ensuring total storage and transit protection for all your products, visit our website or call our Sales team on 0844 800 9844.

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