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Static might not seem like much of an issue, other than making your hair stand on end and making things cling to your hand. However, on sensitive electronic components, it has the potential to wreck them, which given the higher than usual value for them can cause you financial losses and general frustration for you and your customers. Given the increasingly important role of electronics and technology in today’s world and the increasing popularity of e-commerce, this can start to become problematic. Fortunately, though, Davpack has a wide range ofanti-static packaging options suitable for a variety of different products and roles. Retro T.V With Static

So, what is anti static packaging and how does it protect electronic components against electrostatic discharge? There are two main angles that you can use to tackle static discharge using your packaging. The first is to use static dissipative packaging, and the second is to use conductive anti static. Both types are different and play a different role in keeping environments and products safe against electrostatic discharge. 


Dissipative Anti Static Packaging 

This type of packaging is often made of standard polythene and has a coating (often pink or red) that prevents the build-up of static that can often be generated when normal polythene is rubbed against itself. The most popular choices for this type of packaging are in the form of polythene bags, bubble bags andlay flat tubing which can be cut to length and sealed. This form of packaging, however, does not block static charges and it can still pass through to the contents if it comes in to contact with something that has a static charge, for example, your hands. So, you might be asking what the point of this type of anti static packaging is if it does not block static charges travelling through it? As it prevents the generation of static charges it can be used a for a variety of items that aren’t electronic to help reduce the risk of other sensitive items being affected by static and can help to create a static-free environment. 

Pink Anti Static Tubing & Bubble Bag


Static Shielding Packaging 

Anti static packaging works by creating what is known as a faraday cage effect around its contents. This usually achieved by encasing the product in a thin metallic film which blocks and electrostatic discharge, therefore protecting the contents. This type of packaging is the best for going directly around your electronic products and components that could be damaged by static discharge. As well as blocking any static, these bags prevent the build-up of any static energy as well. Many of these anti-static bags are made from a mixture of layers of plastic and aluminium (which gives them that metallic sheen), but other variants such as our black conductive ESD bags have a carbon additive to the polythene to act as the barrier. 

Anti Static Conductive Bags 

So, there you have it, a quick guide to the 2 main types of anti static packaging and their uses! For more information and for the best advice on ensuring total storage and transit protection for all your products, visit our website or give us a call on 01332 821200. 

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