How to be a ‘Box Clever’ Business

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The current pandemic has not only had a collateral effect on the world, but also the access to cardboard boxes. Over the Christmas period, there was a significant increase in ordering online, which caused countless businesses to struggle with gaining access to cardboard. This unlikely turn of events has meant that companies have had to become ‘box clever’ in order to outwit the shipping and staffing challenges that have arisen from this cardboard crisis.  

So, what are the steps your company needs to take to become box clever 

Stop Overpacking and Oversizing

The first step is to avoid overpacking products and using unnecessary oversized packaging. A lot of businesses overpack parcels or use larger-sized boxes than needed, this can lead to wasted money, material, and unsatisfied customers – no one wants to play pass the parcel when opening their order. Just keep it simple, use a box that is the correct size for your product. Making your packaging fit to size means you can load more parcels onto your delivery vehicles, which will result in fewer journeys and a decrease in your company’s CO emissions. Unless your merchandise is extremely fragile, there is no need for extra unused space and inserting endless amounts of protective packaging. This will help your business reduce its spending on packaging materials and become more sustainable through lowering waste production. 

Buy Packaging made from Recycled Material

It is a well-known fact that Davpack’s cardboard is made from at least 75% recycled material (and if that’s not enough for you) we also offer 100% recycled cardboard boxes. A common concern with sustainable packaging is that it might not be as durable as other products or the sizes of the stock are more limited than other, less environmentally sound options. However, be assured that each box is incredibly strong, available in a large variety of sizes – they can even be custom made to fit your products perfectly – and are inexpensive for your business. The only problem with eco-friendly packaging is that you didn’t discover it sooner! Incorporating recycled material into your packaging will lower the number of raw materials used, which in turn decreases your company’s pollution and toxicity levels.  

Reuse YOUR Packaging

Due to the increase in demand for cardboard, prices for packaging from some companies have more than doubled. Creating your own reused packaging is one way to outplay those suppliers and become box clever. When transferring stock to different points or locations of your business, recycling your pre-used cardboard boxes can significantly reduce your postage costs and improve your environmental standing. If your company has delivery pallets arriving at the warehouse, corner protectors and cardboard sheets that are in good condition can also be upcycled and used on another pallet when leaving the building. Introducing products such as corrugated cardboard sheets and cardboard edge protectors into your packaging system will ensure that you are no longer carelessly overusing raw materials. Both the cardboard sheets and protects are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic or foam, protecting your goods from scratches, stretch film damage, and any other detrimental impacts that can occur. Whilst still helping improve the ecosystem and preventing workplace health hazards that can be caused by toxic materials. 

Becoming a box clever business is advantageous in many ways. You are saving money spent on raw materials and are not contributing to the global problem that is packaging waste. Using sustainable and biodegradable materials has become a hugely admirable and acknowledged characteristic when consumers are purchasing their products. If your business is shown to be adhering to environmental needs, it could gain new customers as they will choose suppliers that care for the ecosystem rather than buying the cheap stock that arrives quickly. Using recycled packaging and giving materials a second chance will improve your company’s reputation and reduce reliance upon others in a time where there are cardboard shortages. 

If you want to commit to the environment and positively improve your company’s environmental impact, shop Davpack’s eco-range! 

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