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All too often businesses get wrapped up in the business side of things and they forget that there are simple ways brand packaging can be used to secure repeat business. So how can an online business adopt creative branding solutions into their packaging options?

Lets go through the 3 main processes involved with placing an order and consider how brand awareness can be increased along each stage…



Firstly, use an e-commerce solution platform that can simplify your customers online journey, this will save you the hassle and time in designing a specific solution, allowing you to focus your efforts on product development. This can mean ensuring the brand message is consistent across all market channel web shops, social media accounts and packaging options. This level of consistency allows customers to put more trust in your product irrespective of where they begin their buying journey from, whilst indicating that you are confident in what you do and proud of your product!

In today’s environment packaging consistency can be easily achieved by using options that are simple to open, resealable or reusable but, most definitely easy to dispose of. With at least two of these features implemented in your packaging choice, you demonstrate to a customer that you have thought through every aspect of not only their buying journey but also the products life cycle process. After all, good customer service is not only established through direct contact with the company but indirectly via a functional packaging option.


So how can a growing business take advantage of this trend?

…By making the best use out of your current packaging option and customising packaging where possible!

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According to a recent survey personalised packaging is becoming the most recent norm of branding.

For most modern businesses using multi-channel platforms to sell their products, direct contact with customers is often limited and so packaging is relied on to not only offer product protection but also establish the lasting first impression. And so with each order an opportunity is presented for the business to use packaging that not only compliments the value of the product but also display the company brand appropriately.

This can be through adding your company slogan to the outer packaging, using colour coordinated tissue paper for more creative personable products or for even more creative options applying your company logo on the inner layer of the transit box. Whichever option you choose, the attention to detail  represents your brand to your customers and presents your business as more than just a small company.

So for a business with the drive to succeed, don’t neglect the benefits of improving your packaging options and consider what packaging opportunities you can exploit to display your brand.

After Sales

By perfecting each stage of the purchasing process you lay a positive impact on customers.

This may mean using dual self-sealing strip dispatch box or including a branded mailing bag within each order to preserve the integrity of the product in the event it may need to be returned. This makes the returns process smoother for the customer to complete and helps customers through each stage of the transaction process. By considering branding along the way you not only imprint a lasting experience to your customer, but you also demonstrate great customer service and have your business remembered for all the right reasons.

Thanks to reasonable minimum order quantities, personalised packaging is no longer only exclusively available for larger brands. Meaning that even a start up business can showcase their brand easily without being bogged down with years worth of stock. The affordable cost also means that this unique feature is widely available for all businesses regardless of size and so growing businesses should and can be a part of this trend.

Whatever personalised feature you wish to adopt, be sure to bear in mind the initial charges with some options requiring a print plate origination. This may mean the first order of your personalised packaging choice may be higher, however with a repeat purchase the costs soon even out.

Don’t delay in making simple improvements, this can really improve your customers unboxing experience! For companies already taking advantage of branding solutions and exploiting the larger quantity discounts available, why not consider upgrading your packaging type (Read more about this here…). After all, using a box that is not only fit for purpose but perfect for its contents can further improve the way your products are received.

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