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Polythene packaging, especially clear polythene bags, are an incredibly popular and practical form of wrapping for businesses. Countless companies such as those selling confectionery, clothing, or plants often use polythene bags to add not only protection but an attractive bit of decoration to their items, whether selling in-store or hoping to impress when orders arrive at their consumers’ houses. There are a large variety of different suppliers that provide polythene bags, which makes it a hard task when trying to choose who you should trust with your packaging. Who will give you high-quality materials, not let you down on damaging or losing your orders, and have a large variety of different stock so you never have to settle on your packaging options? A lot of companies fail to cover these aspects, but Davpack is reliable and provides excellent service, which is why you should buy your polythene bags from us. If you aren’t convinced yet, let us tell you why we are the best packaging company to buy your polythene bags from…

We Have a Huge Variety of Stock Available for Quick Dispatch

Davpack has one of the widest selections of clear polythene bags in the United Kingdom, we supply over 10 million polythene bags to our consumer base. We recognise the importance of keeping clothing, machinery and all items in between protected and dry. That’s why we have such a massive variety of bags available. Our line of polythene clear bags ranges in size and strength, adhering to the packaging needs you desire. From 100 x 150mm, 20-micron light duty bags to heavy-duty polythene bags over 1 metre long and made from durable 125-micron plastic. But Davpack doesn’t stop there, the polythene bag continues onto an impressive 1200 x 2300mm, 100-micron bag, with a 2000mm gusset. So we can assure you, whatever you are looking for concerning polythene bag protection, Davpack has got you covered!

One unique factor about Davpack that we pride ourselves on is fast delivery, we can guarantee that the majority of our stock – except ones being specifically made for your order – are available for quick (or even immediate!) dispatch. Meaning, we can provide for all your packaging and decorating needs, alongside ensuring you don’t have to stress about waiting a long time for delivery. We want to make the whole shopping experience as painless as possible for you, from when you click ‘add to basket’ to when the order arrives at your front door.

Davpack Get the Best Market Rates Available

We purchase all our polythene plastic bags in bulk quantities. This means that because we save money on stock, we can pass these savings and deals onto our customers, whether you are ordering small or large amounts of bags from Davpack, we will give you one of the best – if not the best – market rate available. Our company also regularly sends out offers and promotions to our loyal consumers to enable them to receive savings on the products they need and use most. All of our polythene bags are made from the highest-quality materials and even though are already at impressive price points, on larger orders you can save up to 25% on the basic price.

We Are a Company you Can Trust and Rely on for Excellent Service

Davpack has a huge number of loyal customers who always are appreciative of our service, quick delivery, and high standard we hold for our work and products. This is why we have coagulated an overall performance of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot. We always want to go above and beyond for our customers, so if you are not happy with any part of your order of polybags or polythene packaging, we can ensure that all problems will be solved quickly and effectively. But, with over 40 years of experience in the packaging trade, we don’t expect a lot to go wrong with simple polythene bag orders. With the company having such a long number of years experience within the packaging sector, you can rely on our employees and website to provide the best possible advice on your orders and chosen protection for your items. Polythene bags may seem like an easy packaging option to buy however, there may still be things that you need advice on. Davpack has seven different grades of polybags in stock, but if you need to know which are most suitable for keeping your products hygienic and protected, you don’t have to hesitate or struggle with finding people to talk to. Our phone line – which you can contact using 01332 821200 – is open from 8.30 am till 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday and our Customer team, with years of experience will be able to answer all the product queries you have.

These reasons are only a few of many on why you should trust Davpack to supply you and your business with polythene bags or packaging. We also sell sealers for the bags to prevent the content of what is inside free from contamination or damage. You can try zip-lock polyethene bags or coloured 9mm wide bag sealing tape which can be easily applied with a bag sealing tape dispenser to keep the package airtight and have added coloured decoration to make it appealing to your customers. Shop at Davpack today to find out more about the polythene packaging and bag range!

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