6 Ways Using Cardboard Boxes Has Changed the Packaging Industry

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Cardboard boxes have revolutionised the packaging industry, they are reliable, durable and versatile when it comes to protection alongside the possibility of what they are able to protect during transit. Cardboard boxes are the best thing to happen to the packaging industry but are also the type of container that we never think about or truly appreciate. The advantages of cardboard parcels include that they come in a variety of forms along with the fact that they can also play a role in keeping items neat and orderly. Boxes not only help keep food items fresh, they can be trusted to keep products safe, the material can be decorated to make the unboxing experience exciting, but they can also be recycled and reused in a variety of ways as well! The list is continuous of how cardboard cartons have been a life-changer, and how they have become one of the greatest products within the packaging sector…

We Have Trusted Cardboard Boxes for Centuries

The first known use of a cardboard box was in 1817 for a German board game. The material later became what is today: corrugated cardboard – two flat paper sheets sandwiched together with a fluted paper filling. Cardboard packaging first came into use in the 1870s for shipping glassware and other fragile items. Both nationally and internationally, we have trusted corrugated cardboard boxes ever since to enable our items to arrive safely at their destination. According to recent studies, in the United Kingdom, e-commerce accounts for more than 20% of the total businesses, and 90% of e-commerce orders are shipped in corrugated boxes. Cardboard is a favoured material not only because of its rigid structure, ability to cushion items, and 100% recyclability but also because it earns businesses savings on spending- with companies reporting that they can achieve savings of 7-36%, depending on the box size. For this reason, corrugated material has taken over the world with products ranging from high-tech goods to food relying on boxes to protect them.

They Have Revolutionised the Way Products are Transported

Corrugated cardboard is durable, lightweight and economical for businesses to produce or use for transporting their products. This means that by using cardboard boxes, shipping costs are dramatically reduced, and consumers can have access to any type of item that may be on their shopping list, without having to leave the house! Moreover, cardboard boxes are easy to assemble, seal, re-use, disassemble and recycle. Before this material was used for delivery, heavy wooden crates were used to ship goods, which cut down the number of items that could be transported at one time. This is one of many reasons why corrugated cardboard revolutionised the packaging world. Companies are no longer restricted on what items they can send nor how many due to using cardboard as a material being an inexpensive one to use. Alongside, owners of businesses not having to worry about impairment occurring during transit due to corrugated cardboard being such a reliable form of packaging.

Cardboard Reduces Waste

Cardboard can be reused in thousands of different ways, from customers reusing them as boxes to send their own parcels, to storage boxes. Other favourable factors of corrugated cardboard include that it is made from 100% recycled material alongside being 100% biodegradable and recyclable, therefore, lessening both the company and customer’s impact on the environment. Customer satisfaction rates can increase due to the eco-friendliness of a product and the business’ ethos. Using cardboard can be an influencing factor for individuals to buy from a company rather than shopping with one that they know they will receive countless plastic coverings from when unwrapping their order. Getting a cardboard carton can reduce guilt from both sides of the purchase – the company and the buyer – as it can be recycled incredibly easily if it can’t be used elsewhere.

If larger corporations are shipping goods from different locations of their organisation, cardboard is another great material to protect stock with as this reusability comes into good use as staff can simply protect other produce with it or reuse it in many other ways within the establishment. Thus, further saving the company money on dealing with waste, decreasing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

They Can Keep Food Safe and Fresh

More than 50% of corrugated cardboard produced every year is used for food packaging. The material is most preferred for storing beverages, juice, dry food and sweets. The shelf-life of cereals prolonged itself due to the change from paper packaging to cardboard. Alongside the shelf-life benefits, food became easier to ship, store and make look more appealing to customers both online and in-store. Giving businesses a newfound ability to be more experimental with their packaging and attract new customers based on enticing colours, fonts or patterns that they could use. Corrugated cardboard also keeps food a lot safer and fresher than using plastic or corrugated trays that can easily become contaminated with bacteria.

Cardboard Boxes Build Up Imagination and Unboxing Experience

The final reason that using corrugated cardboard has changed the packaging industry is due to the feelings and emotions consumer bases now endure when opening parcels. Most people feel a sense of excitement whilst opening the boxes, they can even bring a sense of anticipation if the carton is taking a long time to be unwrapped. Nicely decorated boxes with attractive logos and patterns on, or just normal gift boxes have brought a sense of suspense and intrigue to customers around the world. For many customers, well-designed packaging not only protects products but also is what separates thoughtful brands from their competitors. It can further build up interest in potential buyers and stand out from other businesses, making items feel worth the money that was spent on them.

The list of reasons why corrugated cardboard boxes are the favourite packaging choice is never-ending. They can get a wide variety of items – no matter the fragility or sensitivity of what is inside – safely to their destination, are easily recycled, and can be decorated in a multitude of ways that will excite the person receiving their order. If you want cardboard boxes that you know will protect your items and will also be delivered for when you need them, order from Davpack today, or invest some extra value in our custom packaging to impress your consumers!


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