Want to WOW your customers?

  The opportune time to wow your customers and showcase your company’s creative ability is during the festive season, with some retailers preparing as early as 7 months in advance for the busiest time of the year. While not all businesses have long purchasing processes or lengthy logistics lead times,Read More

E-commerce Growth In SME’s

A recent survey carried out for packaging supplier, Davpack, highlights that small businesses operating within the e-commerce sector are optimistic about their growth going into the new year.   Despite the political and economical differences from last year, the Hospitality & Leisure, Finance and Retail industries have had significant growth within theirRead More

What strength box do I need?

Corrugated cardboard has been in production since the 18th Century, a time when raw materials had to be improvised in order to create ingenious constructions providing both support and protection. While the formula used to make cardboard boxes has had little change over the years, the packaging manufacturing process hasRead More

How much can you save through the econoRANGE?

  Are you looking to control your packaging costs? Has a restriction in budget dictated how your business pursues packaging products? Are you looking for  cost effective, yet reliable options? The econoRANGE of essential packaging products highlights the need for product protection with perfect presentation (the 4 P’s). Trying theseRead More

How The Unboxing Trend Can Grow Your Business?

There has always been an emphasis on business branding, however only recently has there been such great attention on not only creating a positive unboxing experience but an everlasting experience upon delivery With 20% of consumers buying decisions being influenced by unboxing videos, such visual feedback can help businesses understand consumerRead More