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How to Safely Package: Confectionery

Doughnuts on a Plate Confectionery Packaging

Consumers want to open up the packaging of their favourite chocolate bar, cake, or biscuit and find a product inside that looks appealing. They are put off by broken chocolate or crushed biscuits, and it’s the responsibility of the manufacturers and their packaging providers to make sure that the goodsRead More

How to Identify Your Ideal Packaging Solution


According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs, an astounding 608,110 businesses were formed in the UK in 2015, up from the 581,000 startup businesses Britain reported in 2014. A high proportion of these new businesses are in the tech industry, with food and drink — especially craft beer,  homemade and healthyRead More

How to: Safely Package Foods

Packaging for fresh and frozen foods is a vital factor in the cold chain: a low temperature maintained supply chain. The aim is to preserve the food by slowing down any reactions that might cause it to spoil, such as microbial growth. Chilled food must be kept above freezing butRead More

Packaging accessories and why you need them

A brand’s end goal is to sell their product. However, actually getting customers to come back to you after the initial sale is another thing entirely. That being said, there is one very important aspect of business that can be a major player in getting customers to continually return toRead More

How to safely package: valuables

Package Valuables

Packaging anything properly is always to be recommended if you want to make sure it arrives safely at its destination, but, of course, you do have to take costs into consideration as well. After all, there’s no point spending several pounds on the toughest and most effective packaging for anRead More