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Packaging accessories and why you need them

A brand’s end goal is to sell their product. However, actually getting customers to come back to you after the initial sale is another thing entirely. That being said, there is one very important aspect of business that can be a major player in getting customers to continually return toRead More

How to safely package: valuables

Package Valuables

Packaging anything properly is always to be recommended if you want to make sure it arrives safely at its destination, but, of course, you do have to take costs into consideration as well. After all, there’s no point spending several pounds on the toughest and most effective packaging for anRead More

Gift packaging: 5 ways to jazz up your package

Gift Packaging

There’s a lot in this blog about the best way of packing your boxes and parcels to ensure that your goods arrive with your customer safely, no matter how fragile, how oddly shaped or cumbersome, or how hazardous the contents. And that’s how it should be, because there’s no betterRead More

How to package: hazardous materials

Hazardous materials

Often when discussing packaging, the emphasis is on the best solution for keeping the contents of a carton safe from the bumps and knocks likely to be inflicted by those handling it while in transit. But sometimes it needs to protect those handling it from hazards that might be causedRead More

An environmental guide to plastic carrier bags

plastic carrier bags

The arguments about the environmental impact of plastic, paper, and cloth or cotton bags continue to rage, and it is not as clear cut as you might think that the first listed of these necessarily represent the greatest threat. Nevertheless, we do all worry about the environment and we areRead More