Packaging Clinic

Whether you run a shop on the high street, or an online store, your business will require some form packaging solution; if you sell a physical product. What many people don’t realise however, especially those who are just starting up, is that there is a packaging solution for every business in every industry. Do you sell fresh food, for instance? Perhaps you’re about to step up the selling of electrical goods? No matter what you sell, what you import and export, there is a packaging solution for you.

Today, consumers are constantly seeking innovation and creative solutions to everyday situations — and this extends to using packaging as a tool to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, understanding your market, your competitors, and your target audience’s values will greatly influence you when choosing the packaging that best suits your business.

In our Packaging Clinic, you will learn about the great many different types of packaging available for different industries, how to package properly and sustainably, and how to get the most out of it.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

At Davpack, we have a huge range of eco-friendly packaging supplies offering ways to reduce, replace or re-use and recycle in order to help make your business that little bit more environmentally friendly. Whether it be by helping to reduce the wasteful use of excess  protective packaging by using adjustable boxes,Read More

What to Do With Your Used Cardboard Boxes?

Most of us will at some point in time have had the situation where we find ourselves with some empty cardboard boxes that we don’t know what to do with. Luckily though, there are a few easy ways to dispose of your waste cardboard that don’t result in it endingRead More

Choosing The Right Packaging For Your Glass Bottles

  Packaging glass bottles safely and effectively can be a nightmare for many businesses, especially during the Christmas period when supermarkets are stocking up and people are buying more of them as gifts. Glass bottles, if not packaged properly, can be prone to breaking, resulting in a loss of revenue,Read More

Which Packing Tape Should You Use?

You might think that all packing tape is the same and simply seals a box and that’s it. But not all packaging tape is the same, and with a wide variety of different types to use out there, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to pick the oneRead More

Can You Re-use and Recycle Postal Packaging?

With e-commerce now a popular and growing method of shopping, the amount of postal packaging used and needing to be disposed of has increased as well. In order to cut down waste and avoid unnecessary landfill and pollution, it’s important to understand how we can re-use and recycle postal packaging.Read More