Packaging Troubleshooting

There’s quite a bit more to packaging than simply putting something in a cardboard box. There are processes before and after the actual packaging up aspect that companies both large and small can benefit from learning about. Knowing how to properly recycle waste packaging for example can actually be of benefit to your company in more ways than just ‘being green’.

Here, you will find our troubleshooting guides to elements of packaging that you may overlook, or simply not even consider. We’re making sure you’ve got everything covered for maximum customer satisfaction, and also for everyday packaging considerations.

Customers now see packaging as part of an overall buying experience, so receiving a parcel that’s a bit battered and bruised, or not sustainable, isn’t the best experience for them. Knowing how to prevent the horror of damaged parcels is one of the essential aspects of customer retention and repurchasing — as is providing sustainable packaging options. So, if you’re a packaging novice, this is your ideal starting point: it’ll provide you with the basics to get your businesses packaging process off on the right foot.


What strength of box do I need?

Corrugated cardboard has been in production since the 18th Century, a time when raw materials had to be improvised in order to create ingenious constructions providing both support and protection. While the formula used to make cardboard boxes has had little change over the years, the packaging manufacturing process hasRead More

Packaging: How to Make Your Product Invincible


Through the virtual world small businesses are now able to showcase their products to a wider selection of consumers than ever before. With consumers approaching from all around the world it is even more essential that growing businesses are aware of the various packaging options available, in preparation for anRead More

Cardboard box recycling: what you need to know

cardboard box recycling

The cardboard box is one of life’s essentials, both at home and at work. Shop owners receive goods in cardboard boxes, much of the food and drink we buy is encased in them, and such is the demand for them. There are many kinds available for a range of purposes.Read More

Loading and transporting packages

Loading and transporting packages

When you buy something online or from a retail store, you probably don’t give a great deal of thought to the number of stages it has had to go through or the amount of planning required to make the whole thing happen safely and effectively. Most manufacturers will usually sellRead More

The art to choosing the right packaging for your business

choosing the right packaging

When you’re setting up a new business, there’s a lot to think about. Quite apart from making sure your product is ready to be sent out to your customers, you’ve got to actually let them know that it’s there and explain to them exactly why they need it in theirRead More