Warehouse & Logistics

When running a company there are a great number of logistical business decisions you need to make. If you open an e-commerce store, and you deliver your product to someone’s home, what are your transportation options? Do you know what the optimal place is to store your goods? Are you importing from abroad? These are basic questions that have a multitude of answers, each of which may or may not be the most beneficial to you and your business.

Logistics, however complex it may seem, exists to help your business become as efficient, and economical as possible. Understanding the supply chains process is an essential part of this — whether that be through how to utilise packaging when optimising transportation, or learning about your importation responsibilities. The supply chain is a massive channel that feeds into many aspects of your business, so it really is worth getting to grips with how to make it work for you.

To help you in that regard, we’ve produced a series of articles that deal with these questions and processes, and they exist to equip you with the knowledge of how to make your business as productive as possible.


Importing from abroad: understanding your responsibilities

importing from abroad

Importing from abroad can benefit many small businesses. Lower prices and favourable exchange rates mean goods can be brought into the United Kingdom from abroad inexpensively. Where there is a lack of domestic choice, importing allows access to a wider variety of goods which may be more readily available andRead More

Cold store storage 101

Cold store storage 101

All products have a point of origin, and must reach their destination in perfect condition. Therefore it is very important to choose a logistics process with optimum storage conditions, so as not to cause any damage. For products whose quality will deteriorate unless refrigerated, a cold chain involving refrigerated transportRead More

Third party logistics: is it beneficial to you?

third party logistics

Setting up your dream e-commerce business holds many pitfalls and challenges, and one of the most overlooked is, not surprisingly, the delivery logistics of your company. Or, perhaps you’ve already started your company, however you’re only just catching up and adding a ‘click to checkout’ function on your website. EitherRead More

Why packaging is at the heart of logistics

the heart of logistics

According to Per Engelseth’s paper on ‘The core role of packages in a logistics network’, “the basic objective of logistics is concerned with the provision of goods to an end user and four main activities are involved in this provision of goods. They may be classified as materials handling, transport,Read More

The importance of pallet optimisation to your warehouse

warehouse pallet optimisation

High volume dispatch operations are likely to be sending out numerous loaded pallets every day. To get best value on your transport costs, and to ensure your pallet has been loaded safely, it is advisable to use cartons that can be stacked safely together and which make best use ofRead More