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For many businesses and sellers out there, packaging gives the opportunity to extend their brand awareness, improve customer experience and stand out against competitors. For others, however, packaging simply needs to be functional, protective and not cost a fortune! If you’re one of the businesses that are looking for functional yet affordable packaging, Davpacks econoRANGE is perfect for you, encompassing a wide variety of reliable and popular cheap packaging supplies for those looking to keep their costs low. 



Cardboard boxes can often account for a large chunk of packaging costs, which is why for many that are looking for cheap packaging supplies, finding low-cost cardboard boxes is their first thought. Luckily at Davpack our econoboxes are available in a range of popular sizes for both single and double wall variants, offering an affordable yet still a very secure alternative to standard boxes. For all the eCommerce sellers out there, we also have a large range of our superb quality econoPOST boxes that offer great protection for a wide variety of products.  

Assorted Cardboard Boxes


Naturally, once you have your boxes, you’ll need something to seal them with, which is where our econoTAPE comes in. When all you need to do is seal your cartons for general duty packing you don’t need to spend a fortune on specialised tape variants. Our econoTAPE effectively seals cartons whilst keeping your costs low and comes in either clear or brown. With 66m on each roll and its compatibility with standard tape dispensers, these rolls of tape are great for busy pack rooms. 

Sealing a box with tape


When you’re dealing with fragile and delicate items, protective packaging is a must. One of the most popular forms of packaging for making sure products get from A to B undamaged is bubble wrap. With rolls available as either small bubble for wrapping and interleaving between items and large bubble to protect larger surfaces from impact, our econoBUBBLE is a cost-effective way for you to protect your products. If you want to opt for a different style of bubble packaging, then bubble bags are a great way to protect your products whilst also making them quicker and easier to pack and being cheaper than many branded alternatives. 

Roll of bubble wrap

Book Boxes 

Apart from being able to package the obvious, book boxes are a versatile product that can be used for a wide variety of products for the eCommerce seller and are becoming increasingly popular even amongst giants such as Amazon due to their ease of use and flexibility. Luckily for those that are looking for cheap packaging supplies, our econoBOOK boxes are an affordable packaging option without compromising on quality. On top of being very affordable to purchase, they are quick and easy for you to pack and secure due to the self-seal strips helping to increase your output and reduce packing time. 


If you don’t see the packaging that you are looking for here, then worry not! We have even more fantastic cost-effective packaging supplies available for a speedy dispatch including loose-fill, Kraft paper and more in our econoRANGE. On top of being able to get your packaging supplies at a bargain, you can get additional discounts when you purchase in bulk! 

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