Chocolate, pews and motorway queues

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You may think that Easter is either a religious festival, or just about the chocolate and the long weekend off work. And, in fact, for many of us it is.

For example, in 2011, the average Sunday attendance for Church of England services over the course of the year was 898,300. On Easter Sunday that year, 1,365,000 of us went to church. That’s more than 50% extra worshippers compared to the average Sunday.

And did you know that every year 90 million Easter eggs are eaten in the UK alone? Latest figures tell us that the population of the UK currently stands at about 63.32 million. That means that, on average, close to 1½ eggs are being eaten by every man, woman and child in the country. Given that quite a few of those men, women and children won’t actually be eating any, that suggests quite a few of you are eating considerably more than you probably should.

Meanwhile, statisticians are already readying themselves to yet again rewrite the record books, as more of us than ever take to the roads or descend on airports for the now traditional big Bank Holiday getaway. And if you think this is a relatively recent phenomenon, think again – as this BBC report from 1961 makes clear!

There is more to Easter than chocolate, you know

easter-info-1.2-smallThat 90 million Easter eggs stat, by the way, is just one of the remarkable bits of information featured in our new infographic, which is all about the diversity of gifts handed out in modern, multicultural and health conscious Britain at Easter.

In other words, when people buy Easter presents these days, it isn’t always chocolate!

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And with that packaging being cheaper from Davpack than other online sellers, and mostly available for next working day delivery, you can also be confident that we can get it to you when you need it to make sure your products arrive with your customers well in time for Easter weekend.

If you haven’t bought packaging from Davpack before and you’re not convinced I’m not spinning you a tale, even though I’ve given up overblown marketing spiel for Lent, then check out the comments of over 1500 Davpack customers, who are consistently rating our levels of service as the best in the business.

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