Choosing The Right Packaging Tubes

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Packaging tubes are great for packaging and protecting a wide variety of products, from posters, artwork and documents to bottles and anything long and narrow. Offering a strong and secure way to protect your items in transit or storage, our postal tubes come in a variety of strengths and styles to suit a variety of needs.


Standard Packaging Tubes

Our standard packaging tubes come in three grades, light duty (1.5mm thick), medium duty (between 2-2.5mm thick) and heavy duty (between 3-3.5mm thick) with each of them having a variety of lengths and diameters to fit a variety of products. Standard packaging tubes are made from rigid solid cardboard giving your products a hard outer shell that is very resistant to bending and crushing. As they composed of a main tube with 2 end caps they are very easy to pack and seal as they don’t need to be constructed unlike cardboard boxes, making your dispatches quick and easy. As well as being supplied in the standard brown, coloured variations are also available in a variety of colours to make your products stand out.

Standard Packaging Tubes

Custom Packaging Tubes

If you find yourself needing a variety of different sizes of packaging tubes or just want to save some space in your packing room then our rolls of custom postal tubing is a great choice for you. Supplied on 100 meter rolls, this tubing allows you to cut postal tubes to the required length which can then be sealed with end caps, allowing you to reduce the amount of sizes you need to keep stocked and helping you cut down on waste.

Custom Postal Tubes

Triangular Packaging Tubes

If you’re looking for a more eco friendly postal tube then you’re in luck! Our triangular postal tubes are made from a single piece of corrugated cardboard with ends that are secured with locking tabs. This means that they contain no plastic, are easy to recycle and fully biodegradable, helping you to improve the eco credentials of your packaging. Triangles are one of the strongest shapes around, giving these triangular packaging tubes a sturdy structure to protect your products. Another added benefit of triangular postal tubes is that they can be stacked much easier than standard round postal tubes and wont roll around.

Triangular Postal Tubes

Apart from providing excellent protection for a wide variety of products in the post, our postal tubes are an easier to pack alternative to cardboard boxes for a wide variety of items and look great for your customers when they receive their order! The types of postal tubes mentioned above are just some of the styles that we offer, for our entire range checkout our website and find the right packaging tubes for you.

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