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If you need to buy polybags, try clicking here because Davpack has many different kinds available in a wide range of strengths and sizes. And on the off chance that we don’t have the sizes in stock that you need, there’s always the option of getting some layflat tubing and making your own custom plastic packaging bags.

However you decide to go about it, one thing you’re almost certainly going to need to do is find a way of sealing the bags once you’ve filled them, so that your contents don’t fall out at the first opportunity! Some have their own self seal system, such as our grip seal polythene bags, or there are also bags with a zip closure. These are especially useful if the bags are going to be opened on a regular basis.

If you’re after a strong closure that you want to ensure will stay closed until it reaches the end user (and which will be obvious if someone else tampers with it en route), then the most popular and practical answer is to use a heat sealer. They’re not as expensive as you might think; our cheapest model is around £50, but is still a hard wearing and reliable machine capable of processing up to 100 seals a shift.


The ties that bind

Another option when you need regular and repeated access to the contents is to use wire ties. This will be the best choice if you’re using particularly large or heavy duty plastic bags (our largest grip seal polythene bags are a fairly impressive 375 x 500mm, whereas our gusseted bags go up to a massive 1200 x 2000 x 2300mm!). Available in either tough copper annealed or PVC coated finish and in lengths from 100 to 600mm, our wire ties are a cost effective and quick solution for tying and securing in general industry, agriculture and packaging.

If you want to buy plastic bags for use in a retail shop – for vegetables, sweets or on a pick ‘n’ mix stall, perhaps – a low cost, practical solution is to use bag sealing tape. Used with a dispenser, it literally takes just a couple of seconds to securely tie your bags so your customer won’t lose their purchases on the way home. And with the sealing tape available in a range of colours, including yellow, red, blue and green, it’s also an attractive choice!

Whichever means of sealing your polythene bags you decide is the best for you, you can be certain that Davpack will be able to provide it for you quicker and cheaper than almost any other online packaging company. Call our Customer team now on 01332 821200 to find out how much you can save with our generous quantity discounts and free delivery!

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