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If you are a small or large business, or even just someone who doesn’t have time to make trips out to send parcels so would prefer to use couriers, it can be a difficult task understanding all the size and weight guidelines. No matter where the destination of your parcel may be, Davpack want to help the sending process of your items as easy as possible. Within our packaging range, we have three categoriesHermes Parcels, DPD Packages, and DHL Boxes which all sell perfectly sized boxes and have a wall thickness that you cannot overpack. However, we know that all the rules and regulations of sending parcels with couriers may not be clear, so we are here to help. The following will blog will inform you of important information regarding postal limits to ensure that you don’t encounter any surprise charges or rejected packages during transit.


Hermes has claimed to be a cheaper courier service than Royal Mail, so there is no surprise why countless businesses choose to send their packages with this particular mail carrier. You can send parcels as a personal errand or on behalf of your business. The parcel sizes allowed to send with Hermes can range between under 1 kilogram to 15 kilograms, with a minimum volume of 2450mm. Each package can be up to 23cm wide, 35cm long and 1-3 centimetres deep. To find out if your item is eligible for delivery, you can add the two shortest sides of the parcel together and multiply by two, then continue to add the length. If the total equates to less than 245cm you will fit within the limits that Hermes have set for their customers. Depending on where you are leaving your box also means you will have to consider some further rules: if you’re using a ParcelShop or a Hermes Courier service, the maximum length is 120cm, but if you’re using a Hermes Locker, the limit is 66cm x 41cm x 38cm. All of these factors make our Hermes parcels the perfect and stress-free choice for packaging your items, as each box is made from durable double-wall cardboard which can hold up to 30kg of weight when evenly dispersed, ensuring that you can rely on the parcels to be resistant to crushing and damages during transit. Alongside that, each box is measured and verified as acceptable to send with Hermes as a courier. All you have to do now is package your items securely with tape, and fill empty space with polystyrene peanuts, paper void fill, or bubble wrap and let your package begin its journey to its destination!


DPD are another popular courier for a lot of different countries, they are known to be reliable and efficient, which is why Davpack chose to cater towards them in terms of our DPD packages page, where each box fits the DPD guidelines. Where this courier differs from ones such as Hermes, is they allow 31.5 kilograms as their weight limit, but if you are using a parcelshop during shipment the weight restraint becomes 20 kg. All of which is perfect again for our product line as the double-wall cardboard allows up to 30kg, ensuring that you will never be surprised at costs as you cannot exceed DPDs restrictions set per parcel. Another important point you need to consider when preparing a package for shipment with DPD is the dimensions of what you’re sending. 1 metre is the maximum length of containers that go to or come from a Pickup parcelshop, but those not travelling through a parcelshop have an extended allowance of 1.75 metres in length. The final aspect of your package that should be considered is the overall size, which is calculated through these measurements: length + 2 x width + 2 x height. The size of the parcel should not exceed 3 metres, and again, if you are using a parcelshop this lowers to 2.5 metres. Now all the complicated measurements and calculations are over, all there is left is making sure that you seal the box with durable sealing tape, and make sure the parcels you are using are rectangular or square boxes that fit all your contents inside. Davpack’s DPD packages are made to the shape requested by the courier and make use of the maximum volume allowed, you can expect no difficulties whilst send your parcels with DPD if you use our boxes.


Similarly to DPD and Hermes, DHL has certain specifications that your boxes need to meet when sending them with the courier. DHL have 7 different styles of packages, which are as follows:

–      Envelope 1 – allowing the weight of up to 0.5kg, and the dimensions of the envelope are 27 x 35 x 2cm,

–      Box 2 – up to 1.5kg and sizing equates to 34 x 18 x 10cm,

–      Box 3 – weight limit is up to 3kg, and the contents should not surpass 34 x 32 x 10cm,

–      Box 4 – up to 7kg, and dimensions reach 34 x 32 x 18cm,

–      Box 5 – weight allowance increase to up to 12kg, and the size of the box is 34 x 32 x 34cm,

–      Box 6 – up to 18 kilograms and measurements of Box 6 are 42 x 36 x 37cm,

–      Box 7 – the final weight limit is up to 25kg, and the largest sized box equals 48 x 40 x 39cm.


However, this is a lot to remember, so Davpack has aligned the parcels we sell with each envelope and box type. Box 4,5,6, and 7 are available in both single and double wall cardboard depending on the weight of your items. You can guarantee that our boxes will protect everything you are sending with the different material options, and you will never experience any complications with packages or unexpected overcharging because we have made sure the measurements of each parcel type and weight limit of the single or double-wall cardboard line up with DHL’s regulations.

There are several different restrictions set for each courier, which can be overwhelming to try and decipher when you are on their websites in preparation for sending your items. That’s why Davpack have tried to make it a simpler process for you, both with this blog and all the different packaging we sell aligning to the rules of each courier service. If you are interested in buying from our courier packaging range, simply click this link:


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