Creative With Cardboard: From Mahatma Gandhi to Iron Man

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While we at Davpack make everyday but effective things out of corrugated cardboard, such as postal boxes, postal tubes and double and single wall boxes, there are others out there using the exact same material to create sometimes stunning and sometimes odd, but always imaginative pieces of art.

Let’s kick off this round-up of the latest examples we’ve recently discovered online by introducing you to Ali Golzad, who creates famous and inspirational figures, such as John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi, figures representing those displaced by war, and animals like this owl.

In this video, Ali explains why he prefers to use cardboard as the basis for so much of his art and how he goes about working with it; meanwhile, you can also find out on his website how his background as a refugee from his native Iran has influenced a large part of his work.

Car crash art
We’ve heard of car crash television, but click here and you’ll see how Chilean artists Don Lucho and Martín La Roche Contreras are introducing not just car crash art, but also plane crash art, made out of recycled cardboard, and guaranteed to confuse the people of Santiago where they were located.

Don has also used recycled cardboard found on the street to build a whole house, complete with a fully-stocked kitchen, books on shelves and a pair of shoes left lying around on the bedroom floor.

We’re assuming Santiago is generally a dry and warm city, because if you tried placing cardboard sculptures around the average English city, it wouldn’t take long before they fell apart in the far too regular English rain!

The cardboard iron man
Taiwanese student Kai-Xiang Xhong is barely out of his teens, but is already creating astonishing works, again mainly out of cardboard. His inspirations are the sort of things many boys his age are interested in, such as aliens and dinosaurs, but he has also done exquisite cardboard birds, lizards and horses.

In this video, he showcases what is probably the prize exhibit in his collection, a life-size Iron Man, a labour of love which took him a full year to complete.

Cardboard inspirations
Finally for this blog, this website has a beautiful series of cardboard sculptures by different artists, ranging from one work made by renowned pop art exponent Robert Rauschenberg to a cardboard pod specially designed for a cat.

Our favourite, though, is Tobias Putrih’s giant arch made by stacking loads of cardboard boxes – we can’t help but wonder how big an arch we could make by stacking all the boxes we’ve got in the same way. And if we had such a thing as a quiet afternoon here at Davpack, we’d get the lads in the warehouse to give it a go!

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