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Packaging does many things. One of its main and most important functions is to protect items in storage and in transit, and this is something that’s always in our minds; only the other day, we reminded you of what we call the ‘Five Damaged Parcel Horrors’ – and how to prevent them by choosing and using the right packaging.

Good, reliable packaging that protects its contents is worth its weight in gold – using cheap and flimsy alternatives will only cost you in the long run, as damaged parcels will mean expensive returns and lost customers. It’s a subtle but valuable way of earning loyalty and a good reputation, by showing that you’re thinking about more than just the actual sale.

But there are other things your packaging can do that we can help you with, and one we don’t talk about perhaps as much as we should at Davpack is to have it personalised with your business name or logo. Then not only is it protecting your product, it’s also putting your business in the mind of potential future customers.

So we thought it was about time we shouted out about custom packaging and highlighted some of our main products most likely to benefit from it.

Custom Printed Boxes
The most popular personalised packaging solution we offer and for good reason. Having your own box doesn’t just promote your business, it also gives it a much more professional image.

No matter how simple or complicated you want your box to look, we have the means to provide a solution at a very competitive price, and you might be surprised at just how inexpensive it can be.

We’re not designers, so you will need to provide your own artwork, and there is a minimum order, usually 500 boxes – although the prices you’ll see by clicking on the link above are for a minimum of 1000. There will usually also be a charge, based on the number of colours being printed and applied to your first order only, to create the plates required to print on your boxes.

We can print on any of our hundreds of stock boxes, including single and double wall cardboard boxes and any of our many styles of postal box, but if you want to make your boxes even more personal, we can make them to an exact size for you as well – that will not only be a lot cheaper than you’re probably thinking, but could also save you money if it negates the need for extra packaging such as void fill.

Custom Printed Tape
You need to seal your boxes anyway, so why not use the tape to do other things for you at the same time? You can, of course, have your name and logo on it, which means you’ll get most of the benefits listed above.

Alternatively, if your product needs careful or special handling, a message clearly printed onto your tape can make sure it catches the eye of whoever needs to see it, so reducing even further the chances of unnecessary damage being caused. Or you can just print something bright and cheerful to make sure your parcel stands out in any crowd.

Having custom packing tape can cost from under £2 a roll, so if you’d been assuming that this would be an expensive solution (just think how many parcels you can seal with one 66-metre roll!), it’s time to think again.

Custom Printed Carrier Bags
You’re probably thinking that to have your own carrier bags printed, you’re going to have to order an awful lot! But at Davpack, we like to bring the benefits of personalised packaging into the reach of more than just the major retailers.

That’s why, whatever the size of your retail business, we’re giving you the chance to compete with the big boys and have strong and stylish carriers which shout about it every time you make a sale.

That means minimum orders of just 10,000 paper carriers, 5000 of our degradable plastic carriers, or just 1000 of our plastic varigauge bags. And with prices for our custom carriers starting from around 2p per bag, neither will they be eating up your profits.

Those are probably our most popular custom packaging solutions, but there are others readily available, such as printed strapping and tissue paper.

If you’d like your packaging to say something extra about your business, why not give us a call and find out how Davpack can help. Our lines are open 8.30am -5.00pm Monday to Friday.

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