Why Custom Packaging is Key for your Business’ Success

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Packaging is the main marketing technique that your business uses to reach all of your consumer base – that is why it is referred to as the ‘secret salesman’. Even though it is often overlooked, packaging represents your company, so it is important to choose protection that you believe portrays your products well. Using plain packaging such as brown or white boxes isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just easy to forget – which means – so is your business. Having custom packaging gives your product more substance and brings more excitement to the process of opening it. By having these characteristics, your customers remember who you are and feel inclined to order from you again. High-quality and unique packaging is one way to impress your buyers and keep them engaged with your company, helping them fall in love with your brand alongside becoming a loyal consumer.

Why else is custom packaging important for your company?

Bespoke Packaging Adds Value

When paying for anything in life, it is natural for the following question to cross one’s mind: “Am I getting my money’s worth?” Receiving simple and undecorated parcels from a brand you were really excited about buying from can leave you feeling deflated and underwhelmed. If you have ever experienced these dissatisfactory feelings, then you know that it is not something that you want for your customers. In addition to this, consumers might feel they overspent, which is another feeling that you do not want your buyers to be subject to. Impressing your customers with a beautiful box they didn’t realise they would get from ordering your product will automatically cause them to associate your brand with items that are of a higher value. Buying custom boxes in bulk from Davpack is incredibly affordable as we offer the best market rate available! So why not add an extra, quirky touch to your packaging and go that extra mile! Ensuring full satisfaction and increased value from the perspective of your customers. Convincing them that future purchases are worth the price.

It Positively Impacts your Brands Image

Sustainable packaging has become hugely appreciated when individuals are ordering from a company. With people becoming more aware of fast-fashion and environmentally unfriendly packaging options, using recycled parcels will be a characteristic that persuades them to order from your business rather than other, less eco-friendly brands. With all of Davpack’s custom cardboard packaging being made from at least 75 percent recycled cardboard, you can leave your customers feeling impressed by its appearance and the little harm it causes to the environment. Custom packaging is an efficient way for your company to stand out from its competition and promote your brand, whilst also differentiating itself through being ethically sourced product packaging.

Customer Experience Improves

One of the more obvious benefits that custom packaging has is bettering the customer experience; improving the look and feel of your parcels increases the chance of them reordering from your company again in the future. Previous research has stated that premium packaging – on average – encourages 84% of customers to buy a product, this alone should make you realise the importance of branded packaging. Unboxing videos on YouTube have become a massive trend, it seems like a strange concept, but the reason why this type of video has become so popular is because audiences feel the same emotions when they are opening a surprise gift when they are watching the YouTube uploads. Even if your customer isn’t filming themselves opening the parcel, it is still crucial that they feel this excitement. The unboxing experience is the secret to having a positive first impression, one which lasts from them opening the package to using the product. Having high-quality and unique packaging will help them remember your company when considering who to buy from in the future.

Custom Packaging can Boost your Online Presence

The final advantage custom packaging can bring to your company is its online presence. If a parcel is attractive and has enticing designs on it, your customers will be more inclined to take a photograph of it and show it off on social media. Decorated packaging will definitely create an unboxing experience worth sharing. It has been reported that distinctive packaging increases the likelihood of consumers sharing a photo of the product by 40%. Giving your packaging the best possible appearance will improve and sustain customer engagement. Alongside this, your product is now marketing itself. Making its way through social platforms and impressing other users could convince them to buy from your company. Therefore, investing in custom packaging pays off in many different ways and could build up your client base or social media following. Adding branding or a logo to your packaging is an affordable and logical way to bring recognition to your product, whilst isolating yourself from other online competitors.

Incorporating custom packaging into your business has several positive effects, that is why impressive packaging supplies are a must for all companies. Even if your product is of good quality, your packaging is what the customer receives and sees first. Making use of marketing techniques as simple as branding parcels can add to your brand’s recognition and boost your business. For a free quote for custom cardboard boxes click this link: https://www.davpack.co.uk/custom-boxes.aspx or call Davpack on 01332 821200.

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