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Davpack has recently started to create Customer Appreciation posts, where we speak to our customers and understand how their businesses came to be. The second individual Davpack had the fortune of speaking with is Pete Bourne from Air Bourne Drones Ltd.

The History of Air Bourne Drones

Pete has a long background in automotive engineering, with over 35 years of experience in prototype builds and vehicle development. In 2015, Pete fell seriously ill with a bleed on the brain, which resulted in the automotive industry becoming too stressful to work in. Instead of letting his illness stop him, Pete got involved with drones and started to take a course with his son – Charlie. Pete explained how he soon began to get bored with the workshops because throughout his previous career he was constantly developing parts and products. After a meeting with another drone operator in need of a new protective cage, the father and son duo joined forces and created the Air Bourne Drones business. Pete states how the drone operator was struggling with his cage because it was round, heavy, and very expensive. If the machinery were placed on a slope it would simply roll down and potentially cause damage to the drone. Pete became the answer to the problem, as he developed a Bumpcage that was shaped like an egg, which was a third of the weight of the other failed cages, as well as, less costly. Air Bourne Drones Ltd is now a company recognised worldwide, with Bump Cages selling in America, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, France, Greece, and Sweden. The company has even trademarked the word ‘Bumpcage’, Pete and Charlie have managed to revolutionise the drone world and its vocabulary!

Pete’s Song

Pete revealed how the brain injury also brought out a more creative side of himself, he began writing poetry during the three months following his release from the hospital. “One day I was down the local food market, someone overheard Lynn [my partner] talking about my brain injury,” said Pete “he happened to be a songwriter and singer, I read him some poetry, and then I ended up writing the words to that song. The song is about missing my old self”.

Pete Bourne further went on to express how the biggest achievement whilst developing the drone company was overcoming a disability – which took over two years to recover – and getting back to being himself. Along with gaining recognition from drone professionals across the globe; several drone operators prefer Pete and Charlie’s cages because they’re lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective than others available on the market. Bourne explained how he enjoyed gaining respect from experts within the drone industry.

Why Davpack Has Been Trusted for Air Bourne Drones’ Bump Cages

Davpack was lucky enough to be chosen to protect the Bumpcages due to couriers he had used in the past damaging the packages, Pete tried to create a crate for the cage, but it caused postage to cost a fortune. Whilst searching for cheaper alternatives, Davpack appeared on Pete’s Google search, he revealed that he buys the double wall open top boxes and large telescopic boxes as they perfectly fit the Bump Cages. Since using these products, Pete hasn’t experienced any other damages or problems.

At Davpack, we are always happy to hear that we can help our customers fully protect their items, taking away all worries of damage during transit. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned by Pete, shop online at Davpack now. Connect with Davpack’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for a chance to be included in future blogs!

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