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At Davpack we value our customers, not only because they chose us to provide them with packaging, but each company is incredibly unique and impressive. Recently, we were able to get in touch with a few of our consumers and delve into the background of their fascinating businesses. The first being MW Makes:

Michelle Wong first developed the MW Makes brand in 2017, Michelle explained that whilst studying architecture she worked with her hands a lot, drawing and making physical models. However, when working practice, Wong wasn’t able to do this as much and so, began to miss it. In her evenings, Michelle started to partake in craft classes involving all different materials including, leather. Due to always favouring leather gear and the traditional techniques used to make said products, the material stood out to her and ignited the idea to begin her own hand-crafted leather accessory business.

Why Leather?

Michelle believes that leather accessories are the most accessible and recognisable for a lot of people however, Wong wanted to add her own touch, whilst also testing her abilities. “I think every leather brand has the typical leather or purse design, but to me, it was trying to make these in the most simple way and it’s actually quite challenging – making something look so simple and still be functional is the challenging part” one of Michelle’s goals is to ensure that all her products are functional and high-quality for everyday use, whilst not being seen as luxury items. Wong’s designs have a smart style and are beautiful to look at, Michelle revealed this is because she is letting the leather do all the work. Michelle uses vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy and the UK, Wong carefully selects the leather she uses to ensure that it is of great quality and sustainably produced, whilst keeping a sophisticated appearance.

One of Michelle’s favourite collections is the Barbican Series as she was able to collaborate with her friend Isabel Vares (founder of Bapp Studio). Wong explained how they were both able to design the series together successfully during lockdown. Michelle went on to state how it was nice to connect with Isabel over quarantine, alongside being able to do this with her customers; “being able to speak to my customers has been a really positive thing. Getting their feedback, moving towards products and colour ranges that they are excited about. It is sort of like an evolution, finding your market and developing on it”.

Michelle’s Reason for Choosing Davpack

Michelle revealed that Davpack was recommended to her, but she was quickly impressed by the variety of products we have for postal packaging. Wong described how a lot of her social media followers are other creators and so, has received a lot of questions about the white bio-degradable corrugated envelopes. Michelle stated how a lot of small businesses are mindful about using sustainable packaging, Wong herself uses the corrugated envelopes along with brown small postal boxes and is impressed by both products being plastic-free. “I think customers of small businesses are being more conscious about the environment,” said Michelle “for independent brands, people will spend more on the packaging, knowing that it is plastic-free. Reusing packaging is really encouraged, which I believe is a really good thing, you don’t always need to buy new packaging”.

Davpack is always happy to hear that we can help our customers fully protect their items, taking away all worries of damage during transit. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned by Michelle, shop online at Davpack now. Connect with Davpack’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn using the hashtag ‘#DavpackTalksTo’ for a chance to be included in future blogs!

To find out more about MW Makes and Michelle’s remarkable leather accessories click this link: 

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