It’s the Davpack Packaging Pub Quiz!

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How well do you know your packaging? Do you have the knowledge, experience and speed-of-thought to man the Davpack phone lines and deal with the sort of questions our Sales team gets fired at them every day?

Try our fun quiz and record your score in the comments below – no peeking at the answers first!

1 What is the maximum permitted weight for ‘small parcel’ postal boxes under current Royal Mail pricing guidelines?
A 1.5kg
B 1.75kg
C 2kg
D 2.25kg
E 2.5kg

2 Which of the following is not an accepted alternative usage for bubble wrap?
A Dog toy
B Artistic medium
C Insulation for windows and greenhouses
D Lining for salad crisper in a fridge
E Stress relief

3 Which useful protective packaging solution did Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes accidentally invent in 1957? A bonus point if you can name what they were actually trying to create at the time.
A Loose fill packing peanuts
B Silica gel
C Polystyrene
D Bubble wrap
E Cardboard edge guards

4 Which of the following from Davpack’s range of 50 micron gusseted bags would be most suitable if you wanted to line a 500 x 500 x 500mm single wall cardboard box?
A BPG20/020 (200 x 300 x 500mm)
B BGP20/060 (600 x 1000 x 1000mm)
C BGP20/070 (700 x 1200 x 1400mm)
D BGP20/100 (1000 x 1700 x 1800mm)
E BPG20/120 (1200 x 2000 x 2300mm)

5 How thick is 100 micron polythene expressed in millimetres?
A 0.001mm
B 0.01mm
C 0.1mm
D 1mm
E 10mm

6 What are the minimum internal dimensions required for a cardboard box holding 12 jam jars, each of which is 125mm high and has a 76mm diameter? The jars are to be packed in two layers of six (two rows of three), with 5mm double wall cell dividers, and the layers separated by a 5mm thick double wall cardboard sheet.

7 So we don’t have to use complicated phrases like “a cardboard box with a separate lid and cut-out handles”, FEFCO has allocated individual codes to literally hundreds of styles made by cardboard box manufacturers across Europe. What complicated phrases would adequately describe the cardboard boxes with the following FEFCO codes?
A 0201
B 0330
C 0427

8 What does FEFCO stand for?

9 Davpack sells numerous bubble envelopes by different manufacturers. Order the following in terms of best value for a local packaging buyer who gets free delivery for an order of £75 (ex VAT) or more.
A Ten packs of 50 bubble envelopes at £11.65 (ex VAT) per pack with a 20% quantity discount?
B Five packs of 100 bubble envelopes at £13.16 (ex VAT) per pack with a 15% quantity discount?
C Ten packs of 50 bubble envelopes at £12.17 (ex VAT) per pack with a 25% quantity discount?

10 What is ISPM 15?


How did you do?
10-13 points: We’re very impressed; send us your cv right away!
8-10 points: While you’re no expert, you might just be able to survive a day without being caught out.
4-7 points: You’re clearly no beginner, but you’ve still got a way to go yet before we’d even consider exposing you to our customers.
0-3 points: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to buy any form of packaging without talking to our expert Sales team first!

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Remy Courtois

Remy has been a contributing author since late 2011, when he arrived at Davpack from a major packaging competitor. Originally a product buyer with many years of specialist knowledge in the fields of custom cardboard boxes and corrugated products, Remy now combines his purchasing and literary skills to maximum effect in our marketing team as a content writer. Born to French and British parents in Nottingham, Remy had a bilingual upbringing and has lived for the past twelve years just South of Paris. He presently commutes twice a month to France but is in the process of re-locating to his birthplace. Davpack

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