Davpack Helps the TAKKT Group Reach its 300,000 Tree Donation Milestone

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Over the past year, Davpack and the other sister companies of the TAKKT Group have all contributed to the donation of 300,000 trees for the Eden Reforestation Project. However, Davpack couldn’t have helped assist in this huge achievement without the contribution of our customers. Barney Byfield – the Managing Director of Davpack – expressed ‘since we pledged to plant one tree per order, our customers have been supporting us in a big way, and making an important contribution towards reducing CO2 along with the other benefits of reforestation’. So, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ordered from Davpack and in turn, donated a tree in efforts to restore the environment. This is still only the beginning of Davpack’s sustainability journey, with the ever-growing eco-friendly range we offer our consumer base and planting a tree with every order, no matter what the value of the item bought is, we hope to continue to act positively and more sustainably in order to make a difference to the people and the environment.

What is the Eden Reforestation Project?

The Eden Reforestation Project is a charity determined to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant millions of trees every year. So far, the organisation has worked with their numeral partnerships, such as the TAKKT Groups’, and have managed to flower over 500 million trees across the 8 countries they operate in! Deforestation is a huge problem occurring all around the world due to a variety of factors ranging from burn and slash practices to unsustainable agriculture to daily community forest destruction. The developing countries are those that are most likely to be badly affected by all of these damaging routines and are often forced to destroy their own surrounding environment to help them and their families survive. This may help in the short term, however, causes further long-term damage, such as inducing severe flooding, erosion, and desertification, all of which lead to even worse environmental destruction. The Eden Reforestation Project figured a solution to this by employing residents who own the trees and help plant them. The organisation also uses its ‘Employ to Plant’ methodology to benefit the communities where the greenery is planted. The charity and the local residents build a long-standing relationship and reforestation effort, whilst the steady employment ensures that the individuals living in extreme poverty can begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. Eden Reforestation Project also does everything it can to ensure the planting is as sustainable as possible, with no logging areas being planted, forest wardens are hired, and local communities are supplied with alternative fuels. Fruit trees are also used during the replanting so the trees can be used sustainably and provide a long-term source of income to the local residents.

The project further explains that they could not achieve what they have done without all the partnerships and donors they have had the fortune of building and receiving. Debbie Crawford – the Chief Development Officer at Eden Reforestation Projects – conveyed the organisation’s gratitude by stating ‘We are grateful to our partners at the TAKKT Group for supporting our mission and are so excited to celebrate their milestone of 300,000 trees planted!’ The project understands that without the help of others, the hope for successful and impactful reforestation is very little, but here at Davpack, we want to improve this hope. Continuing the positive relationship we have with the Eden Reforestation Project in order to save both land and lives.

Why Davpack and its Sister Companies Chose to Help Reforest

At Davpack we understand the importance of giving back to the environment, the whole TAKKT Group want to make efforts to improve our future and the future of generations to come. We are all moving one step at a time towards sustainability, and planting trees has proven to lower carbon emissions, so we thought of this collaboration with Eden Reforestation Project as a vital start for our environmentally friendly journey. Combatting both climate change and extreme cases of poverty in the countries the organisation works in including Nicaragua, Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar, and Kenya. Reforesting damaged areas reaps countless benefits on the ecosystem, such as rebuilding habitats, providing both food and shelter for wildlife alongside the new trees absorbing CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, replacing it with oxygen – helping to lessen the destruction of global climate change. In addition to all the positive effects the donations have on the environment when you buy a product and tree from us, local communities are helped with the improvement of their economical standing and employment rate. So, not only are we nourishing the ecosystem, by all of us working together, we are saving local individual’s livelihoods as well.

What More Can Everyone Do to Help?

All of us working together is already such a great help for the environment however, there is still so much more we can do. Davpack has developed an environmentally friendly packaging range where all products are recyclable, biodegradable and made from sustainable materials. Buying from this line can help lessen the impact of you and your company’s impact on the environment. By reducing the amount of waste your company produces, carbon emissions and energy produced can be lowered as well. Speaking of waste, Davpack is further working to recycle 95% of all the waste products that we produce. The trees, employment, and eco-range are all part of our plans to become more sustainable as a company, we are constantly looking at all aspects of Davpack that we could improve to help contribute to creating a more healthful world.

We are incredibly thankful to all our customers for helping with replanting trees by simply just buying our products. We appreciate the Eden Reforestation Project for enabling us to have a partnership with them. We are grateful for the powerful effect on the improvement of the environment and the economy of a range of communities that we can positively impact. We look forward to the continued collaboration to restore the land and lives of many. If you would like to shop our eco-range, simply click this link: https://www.davpack.co.uk/eco-packaging/ or if you would like to donate yourself to Eden Reforestation Project and find out more about what they do for the environment, visit: https://edenprojects.org/

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