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FEFCO stands for European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers and is an international non-profit organisation that represents the interests of the industry throughout Europe. They deal with a wide variety of topics, ranging from technical to financial topics. One of the best-known things to come from FEFCO is the classic box-style codes that they have created. We’ve created our own FEFCO guide at Davpack to help you better understand the differences and meanings behind each code.

So, what is a FEFCO code?

FEFCO codes are internationally recognised codes that are used to identify different models and styles of cardboard boxes. Each style of box has its own four-digit code that can be broken down into two parts. The first two digits identify the style category, with the last two digits indicating the unique style of the box. Take for example the most popular box style in the world, the classic 0201 cartons. This type of box is the 01 style within the 02 (slotted type boxes) style category. Remember, the FEFCO code will only tell you the style of the box and not the size, and sizes within each category can vary enormously. Here at Davpack we don’t just sell boxes, we make them, and we can make boxes to your specific measurements should you require them.

FEFCO Style Categories:

  • 01 – corrugated cardboard sheets/rolls
  • 02 – Slotted type Boxes – Made up of one piece of cardboard that is usually glued or stitched. Usually sealed with packing tape at the flaps. 
  • 03 – Telescope type Boxes – Made from more than one piece of cardboard and featuring a lid and base that fit together. 
  • 04 – Folder type boxes – usually made from only one piece of corrugated cardboard and creased to allow the board to wrap around its contents. Some versions have locking tabs or handle incorporated in them.     
  • 05 – Slide Style Boxes – consists of several pieces of sleeves and liners that slide in different directions and fit into each other. Also includes outside sleeves for other cases.
  • 06 – Rigid Style boxes – Made from a main body with two separate end pieces which are then stitched or glued together
  • 07 – Ready Glued Cases – made with one piece and shipped flat. Can be set up by folding into place and using locking tabs without the need for tape or glue. 
  • 09 – Internal fitments – additional pieces made to be used with other styles of boxes. For example, internal padding, liners or dividers. 

These FEFCO codes help to create a standard language for consumers and the industry and make it easy to immediately identify the different styles of boxes without the need to use long and complicated descriptions for each of them. As mentioned earlier, the most popular FEFCO style is the 0201, which you can find in single walldouble wall or triple wall here at Davpack.

Here are some of the most popular boxes:

Fefco Styles

So, there you have it, Davpacks quick little FEFCO guide to help you understand the codes. Hopefully, now you are a bit more knowledgeable when it comes to knowing your 0201’s from your 0409’s!

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