Are Archive Storage Boxes Still A thing?

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We’re well into the digital age where storing documents and information has never been easier with the use of hard drives, USB sticks, discs and cloud drives. All this taking up only a fraction of the space as traditional paper documents being filed away. So why do companies still allocate considerable space to shelving and cabinets for storage of physical paper documents such as faxes, bills, certificates, and letters? As great as storing documents digitally is, sometimes it is also necessary (and advised) to keep an original and or physical copy on hand, and even if you’re looking to go fully digital you’ll want to keep your documents well organised, secure and accessible until you get round to digitalising them 

So, what exactly is an  archive storage box? Quite simply, the term ‘archive storage box’ covers a wide variety of different boxes designed to store magazines, folders, documents and variety of different paperwork items in bulk for many years and even decades. This has led to us developing our range of document archive storage boxes to encompass a variety of different styles to suit your needs, whether at home or in the office.  

Shelves with document archive boxes

General Purpose Archive Storage Boxes  

Our main general duty cardboard archive storage boxes are ideal for any office, workplace or home to keep files, folders and important paperwork organised and protected in one place. The telescopic lid makes it extremely easy to access and close when needed and with hand holes on each side they are super easy to move and handle, which alongside the large panels for marking the contents makes them a popular choice to supplement other packaging when moving house.  

Document Archive Boxes

If you’re looking to keep your house or office even more organised and are a fan of colour codingthen we have coloured archive boxes that are perfect for you, helping you to keep track of all your different documents and paperwork.  

Specialised Archive Storage Boxes 

Although our general-purpose archive storage boxes can be used for a wide variety of archive needs, sometimes you need something that has been designed for a specific use. 

Records: If you’re looking to keep all your record collection safe and organised then we’ve got just what you need. Our cardboard record storage boxes are designed to store all your records in a safe, easy to move and easy to access location. Designed in 2 sizes to fit up to 200 7” records or 50 12” records. 

Magazines & Catalogues: Our magazine files allow you to neatly store all your magazines and catalogues and as they have an open front they are easy to access and see what is being stored in them. 

Magazine Boxes


With the increase of digitalisation, it might seem that there is no need for archive boxes in the future. However, much like everyone thought books would become obsolete with the increase in eBooks, hard copies of documents still remain an important part of everyday life whether at home or the workplace. Archive storage boxes look like they are set to remain a useful tool for the foreseeable future whether its organising paperwork at home or storing original copies of invoices and documents in an office place. Here at Davpack, we can help you find the perfect archive storage boxfor your needs.

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