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As part of Davpack Talks To, we wanted to vary the type of people we were speaking with, so we decided to contact one of our suppliers who specialise in creating environmentally friendly cardboard sheets, cases, and other forms of packaging that caters to their customer’s needs. Our supplier has been making recyclable and eco-friendly products since 1987. Davpack has had a relationship with the company for over 10 years and can vouch for its promises of putting its customers first. They provide Davpack and countless other businesses with high-quality cardboard that we pass on and satisfy our own consumers with.

Their Aim of Taking Care of their People, Customers and Community

The holding company of the eco-packaging business is WR Barnett, both companies have collaborated in a scheme where colleagues can ask WR Barnett to match their charitable donations. Employees have participated in charity events such as runs and bake sales; however much money is raised by each individual is matched and given to the community. Not only do they care for their community in that respect, but they have a large number of people working for the eco-company who have been incredibly long-serving employees, it was said in the interview that a lot of staff have been working for the company for over 25 years! This says a lot about their relationship with their staff, in terms of caring for their employees, to have such long-lasting individuals, they must be doing something right.

With the current circumstances of the pandemic, it was explained that our supplier has experienced an increase in demand, so they decided to focus on pleasing their current consumer base, as they believed that this decision was more important than chasing new potential business. The company wanted to cater to their current customers, ensuring they can have access to the products they need rather than running out of stock after selling it to less loyal buyers during such a busy and ambiguous time. Keeping in line with the corporation’s values of putting customer’s first by making sure that their persistent customers are concentrated on and provided with the best service.

They have experienced some difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a huge challenge for the suppliers, as it must be for a lot of businesses. It has led to a surge in demand for products, which our supplier is worried about being under-resourced for. So, they turned their attention to their current clientele and updating their website in order to meet such large demands. At the moment, the company have a big overhaul of their material handling line, so that they can prepare for future development and machinery that will be incorporated in the future.

FFC Certified for their Eco-Friendliness

The environmentally sound packaging company can assure they meet the qualities of eco-friendly organisations due to being FFC approved. FFC are a corporation that has all the information surrounding ethically sourcing trees. Therefore, when our supplier receives the ethically sourced paper, they know where it has come from and what trees have been replanted. By being FFC certified, it guarantees that there are no doubts about how truly environmentally friendly the materials are, and customers like Davpack can be confident in the products they are receiving as being sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. The company often encourages their consumer base to have FFC logos printed on their boxes, as it is generally better for the ecosystem to promote FFC wherever possible.

The interviewee Davpack spoke with during this interview revealed that her favourite orders include those that incorporate colour into their boxes, as most orders are regular brown 0201 boxes. She also gravitated toward self-ready packaging, where there is a curve within the box that you can rip of and instantly can reach the product inside. Having more interesting boxes is what gravitates the spokeswoman toward the boxes with appealing colours and designs. If you are interested in incorporating bespoke patterns, colourings and messages get a free quote today. As even from this conversation with our supplier, we all agree that custom and interesting parcels attract us to the packaging more than those that are less unique or fun.

The Relationship with Davpack

When asked about their relationship with us as a company, we were told that the experience the company has had with Davpack has been great, the internal account holder explained that their communication with us always flows easily. After over 10 years of Davpack being a customer, there have been no complaints or rejections, so we both agreed it is a mutually beneficial relationship. One which Davpack are excited to carry on in order to provide our customers with the best quality and environmentally sound packaging options possible, so thank you to the eco-company for helping us do that.

At Davpack, not only do we care about keeping our own customers happy, but we also want to make sure we are a good customer ourselves. We are happy to hear that one of our many suppliers is pleased with how we treat them and that we can help distribute their amazing eco-friendly products further to create a more sustainable, less polluted world. If you want to help lower your businesses impact on the environment, shop our eco-packaging range now. Connect with Davpack’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for a chance to be included in future blogs!

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