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At Davpack, we have a huge range of eco-friendly packaging supplies offering ways to reduce, replace or re-use and recycle in order to help make your business that little bit more environmentally friendly.

Whether it be by helping to reduce the wasteful use of excess  protective packaging by using adjustable boxes, or switching to packaging that’s manufactured from 75% or more recycled material, there are many ways to help the environment through your packaging choices. At Davpack we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. A huge amount of our packaging supplies are manufactured from recycled materials and we always try to indicate where possible where these items are degradable and recyclable. You will find the icons below across our product range…

Davpack & The Environment

Reduce Waste:

A simple way in which your packaging can be made more eco-friendly is by opting for more flexible packaging options that allow you to cut down on excess space within your parcels. This allows you to cut down on excess loose fill that you would otherwise need to add into your parcels to pad out empty space to keep your products protected, all while also helping you to save money on loose fill-materials! Packaging options such as telescopic boxes and adjustable height boxes allow you to do this by helping you to get a better fit for your products. Other items like cardboard shredders allow you to turn your used cardboard boxes into eco-friendly packaging supplies, giving them a second life.

Adjustable BoxesCardboard ShredderTelescopic Boxes

Self-Adhesive Book Boxes

Custom Postal Tubes

Reuse & Recycle:

Considering packaging supplies which can be re-used time and time again has a huge amount of benefit to the environment. In addition to preventing  the creation of additional waste, reusing packaging or recycling the material minimises the amount of raw materials used to manufacture the product, as well as providing substantial cost savings against packaging options with a single use.

Cardboard Archive BoxesNo Nail Plywood Boxes100% Recycled BoxesRecycle BinsPresswood Pallets

Packaging Alternatives:

At Davpack, we have a wide selection of eco-friendly packaging supplies to reduce the use of plastic and other materials which do not degrade easily. From Paper Mailing Bags to Eco-Friendly Loose Fill, it’s quick and easy to try some new packaging materials which will help contribute to the reduction in plastic waste!

Paper Mailing Bags

Kraft Paper Tape

Eco-Friendly Loose Fill

White Corrugated Mailers

Brown Paper Bags








So why not check out some of our eco products and see what fits your needs, whether it’s reducing excess packaging, getting more than one use out of your packaging or switching to recyclable or bio degradable options to replace plastic versions.

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