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We understand that making the big move to University can be daunting and moving can be a tedious experience. We all know that moving to University is a huge moment in a persons life, but can be stressful too. As packaging experts, we’d like to share some top tips on what to take and how to pack, and have designed a kit that help make the moving process that little bit easier.

So how do you pack for Uni…?

Start the process by packing light. Only pack the necessities and don’t take anything with you that can be easily bought when you arrive. This saves you the hassle of transporting items; liquid items such as shampoo, washing up liquid and fabric softener can be heavy and take up valuable space.  More space can be utilised to pack your favourite pillow, laptop and how can we forget your speakers!

Kitchen items needed for your own personal use such as plates, cutlery, mugs, tea towels and food storage containers can be easily purchased online and delivered at your new home. Bear in mind that in some student accommodation you may be sharing with up to 10 people, so cupboard and storage space is extremely limited, we recommend you don’t overpack. Items such as an ironing board, a laundry basket or a shoe rack you could do without as they are often provided for you.

Our third tip is to ensure you use the right packaging for your move. The last thing you want is to pack all your items into a flimsy cardboard box that falls through as soon as soon as you pick it up, or doesn’t protect your belongings properly.

Using boxes and cartons that are designed for house moving is a sensible approach. If you’re a student moving from home to uni, you’ll probably require a relatively small number of boxes to contain your belongings. Made up of different sizes, our student moving kits come printed for easy identification, with handle holes for quick movement. They are sturdy and durable, suitable for withstanding your journey.

Our student moving boxes come in packs of 10 different sizes and strengths, with a roll of tape too. We suggest you pack your heavier items in the small moving boxes and make sure to utilise all of the space. If you need extra protection, wrap your items in bubble wrap. The archive boxes are ideal for books and folders, whilst the econoBOXES are ideal for those lighter items such as bedding, pillows and towels.

For the lucky students who own a car and are confident driving long distance, then the literal move to University would be straight forward. Although for the rest of the budding green license holders, borrowing a friend or family member and their car is viable option. For people who enjoy road trips, this is also a great way to spend quality time together before living more independently.

One final tip! Save your moving kit and re-use it again when you complete your degree and move out!

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