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So far when talking about the advantages of air cushion packaging, we’ve concentrated on how much less space it takes up in your warehouse. So, for example, a single roll of our cushion film gives you about 71 cubic feet of packing material when inflated. That equates to almost five bags of loose fill, but takes up a mere fraction of the space to store.

That’s a pretty good reason to consider switching over straight away!

But we’ve been crunching some other numbers and worked out that you can also save a considerable amount of money using the system.


Air Cushion v Loose Fill Packaging

For example, if you buy 10 bags of loose fill packing peanuts a month, you’ll be getting an annual packing volume of 1800 cubic feet at an outlay of £1815.80 (based on current online prices).

To get an equivalent volume with our single cushion film (product code CMPR/01), you’d need to buy 13 twin packs at a total cost of £833.82. Of course, you need to buy the machine as well, but that still means that in the first year you’d save over £150.

In the second year, with the machine already bought and paid for, you’d save nearly £1000!

Should you be needing 30 bags of loose fill a month, those numbers get even bigger, with a saving of over £1850 in the first year and nearly £2700 in the second!


Air Cushion v Bubble Wrap Packaging

The same applies here. So, if you buy five rolls of our 1500mm x 200m small bubble wrap (our code CDBS/15) a month, you’ll be getting 1440 cubic feet of packaging a year for £3058.80.

An equivalent volume using our Small Quilt film (product code CMPR/05) would require 41 rolls at a cost of £1832.70. Taking the cost of the air machine into account, that means a saving of almost £400 in the first year and over £1225 in the second.

Again, if we up the amount you use, the savings also go up. So, if you use 10 of the bubble wrap packaging rolls a month, you could end up saving over £1250 in the first year and almost £2100 in the second.

Not, of course, that we’re knocking packing peanuts and bubble wrap – they’re both brilliant products which people trust and which do the job of protecting things in cardboard boxes exceptionally well. But, if you want to look at alternatives that might save you some money, you could do worse than consider air cushion packaging. Call our Customer team on 01332 821 200 for more information!

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