The Importance of Presentation in Packaging

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Many businesses have concluded that the packaging their customers receive is often just as important as the product. As the world has become more digital due to current circumstances, the majority of individuals are ordering online, meaning the first impression they have of your product is the covering your company dispatches. Packaging can impact your item in ways you probably don’t even think of; it sets the tone for the quality of your product and how it should be treated, if your parcel is wrapped in cheap, damaged material, how can you expect customers to treat the contents with any care? It adds value to the item, if you invest in colourful and attractive packaging, it will make your customers feel like they have got their money’s worth with the product. Many companies don’t consider these important factors when shipping their products, after all the time and care you put into the creation of your stock, this effort shouldn’t be wasted through its appearance upon arrival.

Adding your Personal Touch

Personalisation of packaging has a hugely positive effect on customer satisfaction rates, from personal experience when opening a package and receiving thank you notes or customised boxes with cute messages written inside, it all creates a more excited and appreciated tone when unboxing the rest of the contents. Leaving something as small as a paper tag with a ‘Love From (company name) x’ message written on it forms an emotional connection between your brand and the receiver. Sharing something personal with your customers will enhance a loyal consumer base. Your company will become more memorable. So, always being a fond remembrance will induce people to reorder from you and even gloat to their friends about how impressed they are by your business. Personalisation can also prompt social posting, when opening a beautifully decorated parcel, people will often feel the need to show it off to their peers and followers on social media platforms. Which in return, could boost your company’s online sales and, is free marketing for your business. Proving that the small investment of paying that little bit extra for custom made boxes (especially because Davpack gets the best available market rate for corrugated boxes!) will pay off in the long run.

Your Business Stands Out from the Crowd

If your packaging has a good presentation it will stand out from competing brands, just like if an individual was attending an interview for a job, being dressed in a suit will more likely impress the employer more than arriving in jeans and a t-shirt. It can also cause your company to be iconic, such as Tiffany’s ‘little blue box’ adding a dash of colour, incorporating ribbon, or tissue paper into your packaging will be more pleasing to the eye than even more famous brands such as Amazon’s plainly branded boxes. Adding a little extra effort into wrapping your products will help you stand out from other companies, and could potentially make your business a well-known brand as you are not too commercialised, churning out stock with no care for their appearance. Unboxing videos have also become incredibly popular within the media world, with ‘influencer’ becoming an increasingly used job title, ensuring your company has a striking presentation could be a free marketing technique. If your packaging excited those unravelling it and those watching the video, the audience will continue to watch in awe, or even become customers themselves. The look of your parcels has the potential to make your brand memorable and induce other consumers to choose you, not just because of the quality of your products, but your packaging techniques too.

Showing you Care

Showing your customers that you put time and effort into the design of your parcels as well as the manufacturing of your products will cause greater appreciation for your brand. Using custom made packaging will also show that your company thinks about environmental factors rather than the monetary benefits that attractive wrapping may accumulate. Having boxes, bags, or whatever covering your stock may require, designed specifically for your products means that your packaging will be made fit to size. This will guarantee that there is less wasted space within each parcel and the use of unnecessary material, it will further lower the chance of impairment during transit, which ensures that customers will be more likely to reuse and recycle your packages, rather than simply throwing away the broken boxes. Caring for the environment has become a very important factor when people choose to buy from a company, so showing this extra care for nature and increasing the eco-friendliness of your brand will heighten customer satisfaction rates significantly. Less bulky packaging also improves shipping efficiency, speeding up the production and delivery process, ameliorating your business’ profits. Thus exhibiting that enhancing the quality of your packaging not only pleases consumers but can also reap benefits on the functionality of your business.

The presentation of a company’s packaging is undeniably important, it can impress your customers from an appearance aspect to an environmental level. It can further increase the profits of your business due to increased productivity and shipping efficiency, whilst attracting new customers alongside improving consumer loyalty due to each parcels striking appearance. At Davpack, we can guarantee that our products will fully protect all of your items during delivery, and each packaging option we offer will look good doing it. To shop at Davpack, click this link:

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