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My neighbour’s daughter, Sophie, spent a few months last Christmas working in a warehouse in Burton upon Trent. It was a large place and in the run-up to Christmas employed a couple of hundred people on a three-shift basis. At least half the workers were women.

It wasn’t heavy work, but there were fork lifts buzzing around all over the place and pallets being moved about, so health and safety regulations dictated that all staff had to wear those yellow high visibility jackets and a pair of safety shoes.

Sophie managed to borrow some steel toe cap boots off a friend with the same size feet. They were strong and practical, but they also made her feet look twice their actual size. She’s not the vainest of girls, but apparently she was misery personified as she contemplated her appearance in the mirror before heading off for her first day.

Let’s face it, most safety boots have been made to do a job. It’s an important job and when it comes to protecting feet in industrial environments where there is a real potential for injury, you don’t want to be taking chances. But, up until fairly recently, manufacturers of protective footwear seemed to think that no other consideration existed. The result was that if you needed safety shoes for work, you had a choice of ungainly and unattractive boots – or nothing.

These days, more and more people need to wear safety boots when at work and there is an increasing demand for a bit of variety in the styles on offer. Some of that demand is coming from managers in suits whose job takes them onto the factory floor where protective footwear is required. And some comes from us women, who just want something with a little bit more style.



The concept of ladies safety shoes is still relatively modern and one that doesn’t sit well with many of the old school. Nevertheless, there are more women working in factories and warehouses and they need shoes that not only fit, but which they feel comfortable in. A decent pair of steel toe cap high heels isn’t easily found (unfortunately!), but nonetheless, Davpack has a few options the image conscious lady about the factory or warehouse should be happy to wear.

There’s a selection of safety trainers on offer in a range of colours, while the hiker style boots are also rather stylish.

My undoubted favourites, however, are the pink safety boots, which definitely add a touch of girlieness to the usual warehouse outfit and Sophie liked them so much when I showed them to her, she nearly bought a pair, even though she no longer needs them! As she pointed out, she may do one day and there’s no harm in being prepared!

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