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Charity Packaging
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Many of you will be used to buying charity Christmas cards, happy in the knowledge that a portion of the money you’re handing over will be helping someone less fortunate. It’s a concept that has grown hugely over the last few years, as people decide that, if they’re going to indulge in the seasonal spending boom, they need to think more carefully about where at least some of that money is going.

Now you can do the same with Davpack’s charity packaging!

The run-up to Christmas sees a similar boom in the number of parcels being sent around the country – it’s an inevitable result of the inexorable rise in internet shopping combined with what is by far the busiest period for all retail outlets.

So, while all those cardboard boxes are whizzing around the country, why not take the opportunity to use the packaging protecting those gifts to firstly raise the profile of a worthwhile charity and, secondly, raise some valuable funds to support it in its work?

And if Christmas really is for the children, what better charity to support than one working to help disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the UK?

To that end, we’re thrilled to be able to offer for sale a special range of mail order packaging, a portion of the proceeds of which we’ll be donating to one of the country’s leading children’s charities. The Children’s Society is at the forefront of the battle against childhood poverty, harm and neglect, providing drop-in services for runaways, children’s centres and support for young carers, supporting children who are refugees from violence and pressurising central and local government.

Every time you buy one of the products featured in our charity packaging range, you’ll be helping to support this valuable work.

The range comprises some of our biggest selling mail order packaging!

We’ve chosen some of the most popular sizes of cardboard boxes, postal boxes and mailing bags. There are three sizes of single wall boxes, three double wall boxes, three sizes of our Post Saver Large Letter boxes, four sizes of our Small Parcel Saver postal boxes, four sizes of PostSave postal boxes and four sizes of our grey polythene mailing bags.

Every box you buy from any of these ranges will mean 3p raised for The Children’s Society.
So if you buy a pack of 10 double wall boxes, they’ll get 30p. If you buy a pack of 25 single wall boxes, they’ll get 75p. A pack of 50 large letter boxes means £1.50!

If you buy mailing bags, then the news is even better, because we’ll donate ½p for each bag sold.
That means that if you buy a pack of 1000 FPP17 grey mailing bags, The Children’s Society will benefit to the tune of £5.

And how much extra are we charging you for these boxes and bags? Nothing!

That’s right, each charity range will cost exactly the same as our standard packaging, complete with the same generous quantity discounts, so the only choice you need to make is where the money you’re spending will be going.

The only difference you’ll notice on the boxes and bags themselves will be a special printed message, telling the recipient of your parcel that by using this packaging, your business is supporting a very special cause.

Everybody wins!

You can see our range of charity packaging on our website, or give our Sales team a call on 01332 821200 today.

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Sarah Hickson

With more than seven years experience as a member of the Davpack sales team, there are few who know more about the range of packaging materials we sell than Sarah. She recently left the company to become a full-time mother, but still maintains regular contact with her former colleagues. As well as sharing her own accumulated wisdom and experience on the blog, Sarah is looking forward to passing on stories from the front line of packaging sales. Davpack

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