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With over 3800 different packaging products always held in stock, so that we can dispatch your orders out to you the same day you place them, the Davpack warehouse can be a confusing place for the unwary. Admittedly, I’m speaking as a person with less than no sense of direction, who could get lost in an empty room and who would view the Hampton Court maze in the same way American criminals used to view Alcatraz – no possibility of escape!

There are a few of the lads working in the warehouse who could probably find their way to where we keep most of our different items with their eyes closed, but they are in the minority and have been with us a long time. And we’re not going to test the theory, because it would be quite a high risk warehouse management strategy.

No, call us unadventurous, but we’re going to stick with the kind of system whereby all our aisles and shelves are clearly marked and labelled, so that anyone can quickly and easily find a named location when they need to. Even the Jackson 5 recognised the importance of good warehouse signage, as you’ll know if you remember their classic hit ‘Aisle B? There!


Signs of the times

At Davpack, we’ve been expanding the amount of warehouse supplies and tools on offer quite a lot over the last 12 months or so, and the latest to find its way onto our website is the sort of thing I’ve been talking about – an extensive range of warehouse identification aids. In common parlance, that means aisle markers, bay location signs, rack and shelf labels and the like.

With most of our warehouse labels and label holders available in self adhesive and magnetic formats, we’re confident we now have the tools to solve any warehouse labelling problem you might have. We won’t even be thrown if you’ve kitted your stores out in the least convenient way possible, all roll cages and wire meshing, for example, because we’ve got labels which will work on those as well.

It’s a pretty flexible selection, as several of the labels and signs can also be custom printed to your brief, so they can easily fit in with any system you’ve already got going. If you’d like to know more about our new warehouse signs and labelling products, you can find them in the Racking & Storage section of our website; alternatively, call our friendly Sales team on 0844 800 9844 and they’ll be more than happy to help you find the right ones for your business.

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Dave Smith

With a background that has included spells in marketing and editorial management in the publishing and performing arts industries, Dave is now a valued member of Davpack’s marketing team, where he is our lead blogger and senior copywriter. Still relatively new to the business, he will be aiming to look at the world of cardboard boxes and packaging materials from a slightly different angle to the usual. Davpack

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