Packaging: How to Make Your Product Invincible

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Through the virtual world small businesses are now able to showcase their products to a wider selection of consumers than ever before. With consumers approaching from all around the world it is even more essential that growing businesses are aware of the various packaging options available, in preparation for an international delivery.  With a large variety of packaging products readily available, businesses ought not to be declining orders or turning over loses due to insufficient availability of packaging options.

There are a number of ways a product can be made invincible as parcels travel through various transit channels, so now let us look at these in more detail.

Recycling Packages

Reusing inbound packages for outbound orders can be perceived as a noble and cost effective contribution to the environment and business, although should a customer want to return a product, the outer packaging may not sustain another round trip without compromising the content, causing losses for both parties.Therefore it is worth bearing in mind the strength of package you use for your deliveries.

A single cardboard box for instance, is generally designed for single dispatch due to the limited tolerance to wear and tear.


The change in consumer buying and spending habits has brought about more competitive and diverse courier options and with home delivery options providing consumers with more convenient ways to shop, this leaves direct mailing businesses and online traders with no choice, but to accommodate this social change into their packaging choice.

Whether you are using lifestyle or colour coordinated UPS couriers, the ultimate success of an online order is achieved once a product is delivered intact. For this to transpire, a parcel should be clearly labelled in sturdy outer packaging, filled with relevant void should it be required. Given that your product travels domestically or internationally, be sure to exploit the outer packaging to communicate the importance of the content to the handling couriers.

Consider using parcel labels for non-hazardous material and message tapes for fragile packages and for more sensitive and high valued orders, transit monitors are most suitable. These modern feedback labels feature a tamper-proof indication, a QR code and serialisation for parcel identification and authentication. These contemporary monitors go on to provide instant feedback into how a parcel was handled once delivery is complete, giving faith to your customers in knowing their order has been well looked after on route.

 International vs Domestic Transit

For packages traveling long distances choosing packaging that is exempt from international phytosanitary regulations, such as plywood cases, automatically qualifies your freight to travel internationally without restrictions. Shrink film and pallet wraps come in various micron strengths, equips industrial environments with the opportunity to secure and protect pallet sized orders.

Direct Shipping

In the instance, your business offers direct dispatch options for your clients, it is even more important to ensure the packaging used not only represents your clients well, but also yourselves. After all satisfied customers will essentially give you more business and furnish you with the ability to command a higher price should their order arrive in a nicely presented and protected manner. Therefore, choosing packaging that fits the content perfectly not only avoids additional void fill, but rather tightly protects the content as it leaves your warehouse in pristine condition.


In an ideal dispatch environment, whether overseas or local, all products should be packaged with care and consideration. Ensuring parcel and transit labels can be clearly identified and read, suggests delicate handling to protect the content of the parcel in transit and offers no further delay should the parcel need to be redelivered or directed back to sender.

Businesses that use delivery partners have a duty to spend time researching into the different packaging options available for their products, in order to save time and money issuing replacements for items delivered in an imperfect condition, this would help make your product invincible in the market place and during transit.


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