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moving houses
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Let’s face it, moving house is not the most fun in the world. In fact, so many surveys have now shown it to be one of the most stressful things that we have to face in life, that people have been known to go grey just at the thought of it.

How much easier it would be if you could just lift your existing house as it is and shift it to where you need it to be!


House moving made difficult

Strange as it may seem, moving whole buildings isn’t as unusual as you might think. Take Agecroft Hall, for example. It was originally built in the late 1400s in Pendlebury, Lancashire, but by the early 20th century had fallen into considerable disrepair. In 1925, it was sold by auction to one Thomas C Williams Jr of Richmond, Virginia, who, instead of taking up residence at his new home, took up his residence and gave it a new home across the Atlantic.

In reality, of course, this didn’t make his house move any easier. Each brick and stone had to be packed up in shipping crates ready to be transported – bringing a whole new meaning to the idea of boxes for moving house! I can just imagine the eyes of one or two of our Sales team lighting up at the prospect of selling the packaging materials for this kind of job!

Naturally, you’d need a lot of removal boxes of different strengths and sizes, not to mention packing tape and plastic strapping. You’d also want quite a bit of void fill and bubble wrap to protect everything en route; after all, the last thing you’d want to discover on arrival is that the rebuilding job is an even bigger one than you’d bargained for!


House moving made easy

On reflection, a traditional house move suddenly doesn’t seem such a scary prospect, does it? And never forget that Davpack can make the whole experience even more straightforward by supplying all the packaging materials to make sure all your belongings arrive at your new home safely, securely and ready for your new life!

Incidentally, the world record for the heaviest building to be moved wholesale is held by the Fu Gang building, which is in Guangxi Province in China. It weighs 15,140 tonnes and, over the course of 11 days in 2004, was shifted a grand total of 36 metres – how and, more to the point, why this was done, I have not been able to discover!

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