The new bumper-sized Davpack packaging catalogue is now out!


It’s easy to forget in this fast-paced digital world that the internet is not for everyone. Some people don’t have access, some don’t have the confidence and some just plain prefer doing things the old-fashioned way.

Naturally, some industries work better than others on a digital platform and in the world of packaging supplies, there are still a lot of people who are happier ordering their cardboard boxes, polybags and the like over the phone rather than online.

That’s why we make sure our customers can call us during the working week to place an order and be sure they’ll get a friendly voice, helpful advice and immediate confirmation when their goods will be dispatched.

Also worth taking into consideration is the fact that some people prefer browsing a catalogue to an online store. Only a couple of years ago, there were many proclaiming the death of the catalogue, but research suggests that there’s a difference between what many of us say we want – or, more accurately, don’t want – and what we do in practice. In other words, although many of us say we want less printed catalogues, we still use them a great deal more than maybe we realise or admit to.

And that’s why we at Davpack continue to have a catalogue printed on a regular basis. We’ve just had the latest issue arrive in the office and there’s two things about it that immediately grab your attention.

Firstly, it has information on our Sale, which I’ll come back to in another blog in the next few days.

The other thing you’ll quickly notice is that it’s bigger than before – a lot bigger. In fact, there are now 116 pages worth of the finest quality and best value packaging products available in the UK; that’s almost twice as many as our last catalogue.

That means there’s room for many products we’ve not featured before and extra space for some that have always been somewhat crammed into small corners. As a result, we hope you’ll find it at least twice as useful.

The other thing to say about all those extra pages and all those newly featured products is that now there are a whole lot of extra items covered by our price guarantee – because if you find any like-for-like product cheaper in another packaging catalogue, we’ll refund twice the difference.

If you haven’t already received our new catalogue, you can click here, or call our Sales team 0n 01332 821200 and we’ll get one straight into the post for you!

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Sarah Hickson

With more than seven years experience as a member of the Davpack sales team, there are few who know more about the range of packaging materials we sell than Sarah. She recently left the company to become a full-time mother, but still maintains regular contact with her former colleagues. As well as sharing her own accumulated wisdom and experience on the blog, Sarah is looking forward to passing on stories from the front line of packaging sales. Davpack

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