Bringing some order to my non-existent garage

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I am, I’m afraid, not the tidiest person in the world. My desk always looks like I’m either very busy or very disorganised, depending on your perspective; my clothes could be washed and ironed by the world champion launderer, if such a person existed, yet within five minutes and without effort I would look like I’d been dragged through a hedge forwards, backwards and side to side a few times; the state of my bedroom is best not discussed in public.

And yet I love shelving. Maybe there’s an organised and tidy person lying deep within me, fighting to be let out to tackle the chaos in my life. Or maybe it’s just that I have a lot of books and cd’s which, if they weren’t arranged on shelves, I’d have to walk on to get around my house. Either way, when I see a bare wall at home, I don’t imagine a nice framed picture filling it, I see a good bit of shelving.


Shelf sufficiency

The metal shelving systems you can buy from Davpack are a little more heavyweight than would be appropriate for my living room, but many of them are nonetheless ideal for domestic applications. In among the warehouse storage and pallet racking, we have some great garage shelving, for example, and if I actually had a garage I’d certainly need to get some to bring some order to it.

For those who do have a garage with enough space, or a shed or outhouse used as a workshop, may I recommend what is probably the best value product in the range. It’s something we’ve catchily entitled the 3-in-1 Boltless Shelving Unit, so-called because there are no bolts (so it’s a cinch to put together) and because it can be used as upright shelving, workbench or corner unit, according to your needs and the space you have available. With high strength fibreboard shelves capable of holding up to 350kg, it’s practical and flexible enough for any workshop or garage.

The latest we’ve added to our range is even easier to construct – we reckon they can be comfortably up and serviceable in about ten minutes! We call it Kwik-Klik Shelving, for the simple reason that it clicks together so quickly. It’s also impressively strong, with each shelf capable of holding 265kg UDL (that stands for Uniformly Distributed Load, by the way!), making it a versatile choice, perfect for home, office, garage, store or workshop.

Both these shelving units start can be bought for under £100, so heavy duty storage shelving need not be the preserve of industrial concerns with industrial budgets.

All of our storage and shelving systems have been designed to make the most of whatever space you have available, so whether you need some industrial shelving, a practical small parts or archive storage solution, or even just something you could use to organise your own imaginary garage, we’re sure to have something that fits the bill!

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Rick Stanford

Rick has been a salesman in the packaging supplies business for more than thirty years. Now semi-retired, he divides his time between tending his allotment in north Devon, getting depressed at the continuing travails of his home-town football club Macclesfield Town, and sharing his considerable experience and knowledge with the readers of the Davpack blog. Davpack

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  1. If there are not bolts, what keeps the shelf together?

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