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Those who are regular readers blessed with a fine memory may recall the occasion I was able to quote a little Wordsworth when discussing book boxes. Well, today it’s Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s turn:

How do I pack thee? Let me count the ways.
I pack thee to the depth and breadth and height

Sonnets from the Portuguese, No 43

Now, I must confess that Liz didn’t write those exact words – she was rattling on about love, as per usual – but all I’ve done is twice replace the word ‘love’ with the word ‘pack’. It’s what they call poetic licence!

Anyway, hopefully you can see the point because, having recently introduced two brand new means of protecting the contents of boxes and filling any leftover space afterwards, Davpack can now supply quite a large number of ways you can pack boxes ‘to the depth and breadth and height’.

There’s bubble wrap and loose fill packing peanuts, of course, as well as kraft brown paper, white news offcuts and foam rolls and sheets. Having said that, as we now have probably the UK’s biggest choice of in-stock cardboard boxes, and perhaps the finest custom cardboard box service in the country, you can often do away with such extras anyway, as a box just the right size is going to be either immediately or very quickly available.

When you need that extra bit of padding around a delicate or fragile product, however, these new options deliver in spades. My esteemed colleague Sarah has already discussed in some depth (not to mention breadth and height!) the numerous advantages of our new air cushion packaging system and I can heartily agree with her conclusion that this would be a great choice for any business who has an issue with storage space for its packaging supplies.

The other new range – brown paper void fill and cushioning – is a great choice for the environmentally conscious, as all the paper is made from recycled fibres, the pads can be reused, and it’s all fully degradable and recyclable at the end! Also, the machines that turn the rolls of paper into protective packaging are available for rent, which means you can spread your payments over time. Plus, it’s also a nice economical choice – the way the paper is crimped means you get a lot more out of a roll than you might expect.

Like the air cushions, they also have the flexibility to do a number of jobs – in this case, that means void fill, cushioning and block and brace – so you don’t need to get in a load of different packaging materials for different jobs.

If you’re the kind of business packing up items of all shapes and sizes, this is definitely a solution you might well find it worth your time considering. Our Sales team are fully trained and able to advise on this option and the expected savings for you, so give them a call on 0844 800 9844 if you have any questions about what I think is going to be a very popular item on our list! Alternatively, our website is another source of useful information on all our protective packing supplies.

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Dave Smith

With a background that has included spells in marketing and editorial management in the publishing and performing arts industries, Dave is now a valued member of Davpack’s marketing team, where he is our lead blogger and senior copywriter. Still relatively new to the business, he will be aiming to look at the world of cardboard boxes and packaging materials from a slightly different angle to the usual. Davpack

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