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Most companies need some kind of packaging, like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and polythene bags, at one time or another; many need it regularly. We appreciate that ordering it isn’t always the highlight of the working week, but it needs to be done and if you want to stay competitive, you need a supplier who responds to your needs.

That usually means several things: keeping it simple, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently; low prices, preferably with even better prices for bigger orders; quality products you can trust; fast delivery to help you respond quickly to customer orders and minimise the chances of you running out of essential items; and a friendly and responsive approach to customer service and the individual requirements of your business.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already getting your packaging from Davpack, and hopefully you’ll recognise at least some what I’ve just described in the way we approach doing business. If you don’t, well, take a look at our reviews on Trustpilot and see what our customers are saying about us.

As with cardboard boxes, so with loo roll
Unless you’re running a small business from home, chances are you also need to regularly buy things to keep your premises clean, the rest rooms there stocked and hygienic, probably even the means for your staff to make hot drinks. And just like packaging, ordering things like loo rolls, hand towels, floor polish, catering size tins of instant coffee and bin bags isn’t what you saw yourself doing when you were overtaken by the entrepreneurial spirit.

Nevertheless, it needs to be done, and the good news is that we at Davpack are now bringing the same value, speed and levels of service to building and facilities management supplies as we have been doing to packaging – the sort of service that has resulted in an average score of 9.6 out of ten from well over 1700 Trustpilot reviews.

But the benefits don’t stop with getting better prices, faster delivery and more customer focused levels of service. For a start, it turns those two routine jobs into only one routine job, and that can’t be a bad thing. That lets you get on with other things, like talking to your customers and winning new orders.

And if you’re paying a delivery charge to have those loo rolls and refuse sacks delivered, or maybe even taking time out to go down to the Cash and Carry to get them, well, that’s something else you don’t need to worry about any more. Alternatively, if your packaging bill isn’t that big and you’re usually paying us a delivery charge – we deliver orders over £150 free – then adding your cleaning products to your packaging order could just cut that cost as well.

Our new Facilities Management section is there to make your life even easier and to help you run your business in a more efficient and cost effective way.

And keep your eyes peeled, because in the next couple of weeks we’ll be adding another range of products to our list that we hope you’ll find very useful. More news soon!

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Sarah Hickson

With more than seven years experience as a member of the Davpack sales team, there are few who know more about the range of packaging materials we sell than Sarah. She recently left the company to become a full-time mother, but still maintains regular contact with her former colleagues. As well as sharing her own accumulated wisdom and experience on the blog, Sarah is looking forward to passing on stories from the front line of packaging sales. Davpack

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