Packaging Tips For Ecommerce Sellers

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Starting out as an ecommerce seller can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Here at Davpack, we have a few packaging tips for ecommerce sellers to get the most out of your packaging  and have it work for you. So, other than making sure that you packaging does its primary job of protecting your products from A to B, what else can you do with your packaging that can help you out?   


You should never underestimate the power that customised packaging can have, even as a new business. Afterall, adding customisation to your packaging can vastly improve the aesthetic appeal of your parcels when they are received by your customer as well as solidifying your brand – which has been proven to increase the chances of repeat customers. With that being said, you might be worrying that to achieve this you will need to order masses of custom printed packaging which as a new seller could seem like an extravagance. However, buying masses of printed boxes isn’t the only way to achieve customisation on your packaging. Making use of printer labels can give you an easy and effective way of adding your brand to your ecommerce packaging without the worry of investing large sums of money in packaging before you have made sales. 

Candle jars with labels

Packaging inserts  

For many businesses their interaction with their customers stops after the order has been sent out. Packaging inserts can offer you a great way to enhance your marketing and gain more from each order that you receive. The great thing about packaging inserts is that there are tons of different ways in which you can utilise them, whether it is a future discount code, a request for some feedback, promoting other products or offering extra product information. Another great thing about them is that generally, they do not cost a lot meaning they are a great option for some additional marketing on a budget. 

Lower Your Shipping Costs 

Increasing your shipping costs can be a sure way to hurt your bottom line and profits, especially when you are a new seller. Making sure that you have packaging that fits your product properly can prevent you shipping empty space and ultimately costing you more money for nothing. Here at Davpack we list many of our postal packaging options with their corresponding Royal Mail price and size category, meaning that you’ll know your postal costs before sending your items so you can plan out your finances better and save money on each order! 

Flat postal box

Go Green 

Making sure that your packaging is eco-friendly can be an important feature of your brand, especially if you are selling craft products or products that are eco-friendly themselves. Opting for eco-friendly packaging improves your overall brand as a socially responsible ecommerce seller and with more people becoming more environmentally conscious this can give you a great edge as for many it can be a key factor when choosing products. Here at Davpack we have a range of eco friendly packaging options that are designed for the ecommerce seller whilst being made from partially recycled material, fully recyclable and fully biodegradable.  eco friendly packaging

Of course, there are many other packaging tips for ecommerce sellers to optimise your processes, but we think these are some great ones to try when starting out as a new ecommerce seller. Of course, if you have any other questions on all things packaging get in touch with us on 01332 821200 or email us at

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