Are You Ready For The Plastic Packaging Tax?

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From April 2022, a new tax on plastic packaging will take effect in the UK with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic packaging that is used. It is hoped that businesses and manufacturers will reconsider the packaging that they use and look for alternatives that would see less plastic produced as well as less plastic making its way to landfill and instead of being recycled at a higher rate. 


Which products will be affected by the new plastic packaging tax?  

The new plastic packaging tax will affect items that are predominantly plastic by weight and contain less than 30% recycled material. This could see things such as plastic bags, bubble wrap, mailing bags and plastic bottles affected. Items that are designed for the longer term and repeat usage such as plastic storage boxes will be excluded from the tax. 

Certain exemptions to the tax will apply when the plastic packaging is used for: 

– Licensed human medicines 

– Transport packaging for imported goods 

– Aircraft, railway, and ship stores for international journeys 

– Exported goods providing that they are exported within 12 months 


Who will the new plastic packaging tax affect?  

The new plastic packaging tax will be placed on those that manufacture or import 10 metric tonnes or more of plastic packaging a year. However, even those that purchase something from the shops may see its effects as costs will likely be passed on down the supply chain. That being said, even if all the cost is passed down the increase should not be significant as the cost of the packaging is not likely to make up a large portion of the total cost of goods.   

 Shipping containers

How much is the plastic packaging tax?  

The new tax on plastic packaging will be £200 per metric tonne of plastic packaging that is made from less than 30% of recycled material.   


What is Davpack doing in response to the new plastic tax? 

At Davpack we aim to offer our customers more environmentally friendly alternatives and we are continuing to look at our ranges to find out where we can replace items that are made from non-recycled plastic and introducing items that are made from a higher proportion of recycled material. As well as this we are looking at expanding our already popular eco-packaging range that is made from paper-based products, making it biodegradable and easy to recycle. 

 Bubble Wrap Rolls


1st April 2022 might seem like some way off but if you are a business or organisation that uses plastic packaging you may want to get a head start changing over your packaging. Start by looking at any plastic packaging you use and any that Is made from less than 30% recycled material and see where you can make the change. For any help on your packaging needs give us a call on 01332 821200 or email us at 

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