How to save 50% on postal packaging in just 3 easy steps

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Everyone knows that books, console games, clothes and portable electronic devices are top internet buys – but did you know that if you pack and post these correctly you could save over 50% on your parcel postage costs?

There are 3 easy steps to do this:

1. Buy direct from an online packaging specialist like Davpack, instead of a business or office supplies company

2. Take advantage of non-branded products and online savings (e.g. Davpack C5 white bubble envelopes are 20% cheaper than Jiffy Airkraft C5 equivalents, plus a 30% quantity discount is available on top)

3. Buy post saver sizes that ensure your parcel is sent for the least possible postage cost, i.e. our large letter boxes can save up to £1.941 (73%) each on postage, and our small parcel boxes save £2.152 (45%) each on Royal Mail parcels

How this works for 4 top mail order items:

We took 4 popular mail order items:
• Best selling paperback book
• Best selling console game
• A premier football club shirt
• An Android 7” tablet (boxed)

First of all, let’s look for some appropriate packaging. These are the solutions we found at Davpack and the world’s largest office supplies company for our best selling products:


We’ve already saved £2.89 (61%) on just 4 items!

Now we need to think about postage.

When you buy postal boxes, bags and envelopes from Davpack, you know which pricing band your parcel will fit into. Every applicable product in our Postal Packaging section has been checked and clearly marked, both on our website and in our latest catalogue.

That’s not the case with other suppliers! In fact, the world’s biggest office stationery supplier doesn’t even tell you whether their dimensions are internal or external. That means that not only are you paying more for your packaging, you’re running a very real risk of paying more for your postage than you need to as well.

If you were to accidentally use postal packaging that put you unnecessarily into the next pricing band, that could push your costs up a lot more than you might think:


Add that to the cost of buying the more expensive packaging and this might be what you end up paying:

• Best selling paperback book: £3.62 instead of £1.37
• Best selling console game: £2.82 instead of £1.11
• A premier football club shirt: £6.60 instead of £3.17
• An Android 7” tablet (boxed): £6.60 instead of £3.50

Add that up and you could end up paying £19.64 instead of £9.15 – more than twice as much!

Looking at it another way, buying your postal packaging at Davpack could save you £10.49 on just 4 items – that’s a saving of over 50% on what you could end up paying when buying elsewhere!

Okay, perhaps nobody is quite so daft as to deliberately pay office prices for packaging and completely disregard Royal Mail’s sizing rules, but this does show how a couple of relatively small oversights can cost your business ££’s.

Let’s imagine you send 50 parcels a day, not 5, the savings can mount up to thousands of pounds a year!

It’s all about the choice of packaging, and here’s what to use:

Post_Saver      Economy_large_letter      Small_Parcel_Saver

Davpack Post Saver Boxes     Economy Large Letter Boxes     Small Parcel Saver Boxes
Perfect for sending CDs and DVDs      Perfect for sending A4 items        Ideal for sending sports goods

davpack_bubble_envelopes      econobook_boxes     grey_polythene_mailers

Davpack Bubble Envelopes           EconoBook Boxes            Grey Polythene Mailing Bags
Perfect for sending games           Ideal for posting books and folders     Perfect for sending clothing


So when it comes to saving money on postage, it’s essential to begin by looking at your packaging. With savings of up to £3.43 per item achievable just in the postage, it’s worth buying the right packaging from the right place. At Davpack, we have the best in-stock choice of postal packaging in the UK, and a wide selection of post saving options.

By the way, you can also save even more in staff costs, by using time saving packaging. That’s also something that Davpack is great at helping you with – but that’s a different blog article.

1 The difference between sending a parcel weighing up to 100g as a Large Letter (71p) and a Small Parcel (£2.65)
2 The difference between sending a parcel weighing up to 1kg as a Small Parcel (£2.65) and a Medium Parcel (£4.80)
Postage prices based on 1st class service on a Royal Mail business account, April 2013 (

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