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We’ve all been teenagers. It’s a time when we try to define ourselves as a person, when we seek heroes we can admire and like or aspire to be like…and when our hormones start to run riot. It’s also a time when most of us plaster our bedroom walls with posters of those whom these often conflicting emotions are aimed at. In my case that was West Bromwich Albion footballers and Debbie Harry.

In the case of Albion players, those pictures could be torn quickly from magazines – it didn’t matter if they weren’t perfect; a certain rough and readiness was, if anything, wholly appropriate.

Debbie, on the other hand… Some pictures were taken from the centre pages of pop magazines, but no matter how carefully I removed the staples, two small holes were always in evidence, usually somewhere around her stomach. The other place to get teenage wallpaper in those days was Woolworths – beautiful, huge, glossy posters supplied rolled up with an elastic band around them. The dilemma this time was how to get them home on the bus without sitting on them, getting them caught in doors, dropping them in a puddle or just generally creasing them. Being somewhat clumsy, I never, ever achieved this. Not once. As a result, Debbie never looked entirely perfect.


Posting posters

Woolworths may be long gone, but thanks to internet shopping, posters are now a bigger business than ever. Not just of footballers and pop stars, but art, photography, film stills and animals being amusing. In case you’re in any doubt, one major website claims to offer ‘over 1,000,000 posters, prints, and framed art’. If I couldn’t get Debbie Harry home safely, how do they?

Cardboard postal tubes, obviously!

Posters aren’t just for teenagers’ walls. These days they’re as likely to be works of art, waiting to be framed and put on display in a living room or office. And then there are advertising and promotional posters which need to be safely taken from printers to clients to wherever they are to be put up to do their promoting. Calendars, maps, precious documents – there are many, many things that need to be entrusted to the post or transported around the country and which you really wouldn’t want to fold up and put in a normal envelope. Is it any wonder that postal tubes are flying off our shelves? (Unless they’ve not been secured properly, in which case they just roll off.)


The first choice for postal packaging

Davpack has one of the biggest ranges of postal supplies online in the UK and when it comes to buying a postal tube, that includes choices in length, strength, colour and even shape. That means tubes up to over a metre long made of board up to 3mm thick. Red, green and blue tubes or even square and triangular tubes.

Naturally, all our tubes come with the same quality and value as the rest of our postal products, so today’s teens can view their idols in the crease-free way I was denied but which an icon deserves.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, that site with over a million posters does have ones of Debbie Harry. I think it’s about time I rediscovered my youth…

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