How to Run Your Business Like Clockwork (and Get the Best Reviews)

run your business like clockwork
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Trust is a key element in relationships, even more so when a buyer and seller connection involves financial exchange.

Online review platforms for instance, hold this element dearly and specialise in broadcasting both your strength and weaknesses to potential customers, competitors and suppliers, giving them the ability to judge or trust your business before they make that commitment of placing an order.

TripAdvisor, Feefo or Reevo for example, are valuable brand associations for managing, containing and reviewing your company’s growing progress. They are particularly effective when you want to establish the general consensus of your company’s reputation.

Looking at the reviews rated below average, the most common errors are dispatch errors and disappointing aftercare service. Simple adjustments such as correct labelling and a good packaging choice can make positive impacts on the way business is conducted in your establishment and invariably start getting you 5 star reviews!

Step 1: Getting Your Labelling Right

There is nothing more perplexing than when a parcel is received with no clear indication as to whom sent it or what it contains. From a business point of view, it is even more frustrating to find that a parcel has been incorrectly dispatched or delayed due to labelling issues.

If not managed appropriately, incorrect labelling can cause excess workload and significant cost to a business. Going forward, labelling projects should be a proactive innovation rather than a reactive solution, offering the opportunity to contain and manage labelling issues immediately to avoid re-occurrences.

While labelling may not seem like an important factor when a delivery has been successfully executed, if for any reason a parcel needed to be redelivered, a clearly labelled parcel would undoubtedly facilitate a successful reattempt. With neighbours acting as parcel guarantors, it is even more important that basic information such as the sender and recipient address is clearly identified. This protects the content from any compromise.

That said, it is essential to keep in mind that the sole purpose of the invoice is to corroborate the purchased order with the fulfilled shipment. If you find that your document labels are not getting noticed, why not consider some customised options?

Should the customisation option not be necessary for your business needs, perhaps offer to include a greeting message for the recipient. This can be an effective way of utilising any empty space within the invoice.

Step 2: Getting Your Packaging Right

Packaging guidelines suggest that single wall boxes can hold up to 10kg worth of contents while double wall boxes can sustain 3 times more weight. To put this into perspective, if a product is travelling long distances through transit, a double wall box is most advisable. This strength gives allowance to wear and tear and extra protection through various climate conditions.

Getting your packing choice correct could potentially prevent an unsatisfied customer.

If a double wall box for instance, is not suitable for all the needs of your business consider using Royal Mail approved packaging, single wall boxes or even mailing bags for lighter and less bulker items. With this you can make further savings, by exchanging excessive void material for cost effective postal options to suit the contents.

Should some of your products possess a unique shape, then customised boxes, manufactured to your required dimensions, would be an ideal solution for your business needs.  With varied pack sizes and customised print available on the boxes, the extra features would not only get your business noticed but invariably save you cost on storage and inventory management.

Step 3: Step up Customer Service

In a competitive market with so many players in each industry, the only way to establish loyalty is through exceptional customer service.

With the onus on organisations to define their understanding of customer service, customers these days approach organisations with a standard they hope to receive. Therefore taking the time out to understand customer complaints and compliments, is a good starting point to knowing how to manage and exceed their expectations.

Offering economical alternatives, displaying complimentary items with purchases whilst keeping customers informed about new offers and promotions; are ways of showing your customers that you are interested in exceeding their expectations and understanding their needs better – and not only after their money!

Running a business like clockwork takes into consideration a number of input factors, however in reality making simple adjustments and additions can make a real difference.

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